Saturday, August 17, 2013

peter spider

heyyyyy gs

wow well ive seen a lot of movies this summer i guess. thats weird. well like 3. wait was star trek in the summer. i guess. so yeah 3

oh haha para i guess thats a good reason to have watched it. you shoulda seen fruitvale station bc he was really great in that 100/100

yeah idg whats good about loki. he doesnt even have a good look to him???? and isnt that the most important thing 2 most ppl like................................

wow that collection of folders and notebooks is rlly something else. also the fact that you can hold them all at once. you're so talented. but then again i can hold all my spiderman folders and notebooks at once too

remember to get poster strips

really nice vid

hmm what else

today i worked on a writing thing that like...i started a few months ago but then was like nah but then i decided to work on it for real except i spent like the whole day on it and several hours last night and all i did was make a playlist...............

ok thats all

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