Tuesday, August 27, 2013

how green was my goat

Hey gs!

Oh right I guess I must have been thinking of a dif show

Bleh its been so hot these last couple of days and there's no air conditioning in my dorm so I've been going to the student center because there's air conditioning but its so cold here like right now I'm in the student center and I am so cold bleh

Nah I only had to help freshmen move in for like 5 hours.  It wasn't that bad except it was so hot especially the higher up you went in the dorm the hotter it was and also the harder it was to bring the stuff up obviously so that sucked also my arms were really sore yesterday but now they're mostly fine.  I got a free tshirt and a really nice free bag and a free flashlight thing and free food so it was probably worth it.

Welp classes start tomorrow.

Burrr I'm cold I'm gonna go outside for a little bit.

Okay I'm back.

Ah nice air conditioning.  So good.

Hmm idk what else there is to say though.

Yeah someone should think of a game for next month (not me)

Well that's all I can think of to say actually have a nice day!!!

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