Sunday, August 11, 2013

i don't want to let chickens go

heyyyy gs

ok i guess it was supposed to be my day yesterday

ah well

ill just post today bc its looks like no one else is gonna

well gob para told me that you only posted once while we were gone and i was like wtf but i see now that you had a reason for it so ok

bleh that stuff about stan lee is yucky

that video what even

ok well our trip was nice i guess but it seems liek we didnt do a single thing really? and i didnt even read that many books so wtf did i even do

goosbag fma brotherhood is back on netflix!!! idk why they took it off for a time? although not all of it is on there. like before only about half was on there and now there's maybe 3/4ths and idgi???? but the main reason why i want it to be at least some on there is so people who havent seen any fma wont go on there looking for fma and just see the other one and just watch that dumb show. although i know two people who have done that even when brotherhood was on there. one of them is noah hahah

para why are you watching parenthood or w/e and especially why are you watching it in like the middle of season w/e. i didnt know who was watching that but now i have my answer

bleh im so sad that the les mis us tour ended today. i wish i was in las vegas rn. then i'd be seeing it rn probably. but at the same time like the time i saw it everything was so perfect in it especially some ppls interactions that i owuldnt wanna see anyhting different than that or idk. you'd think they'd do the exact same things every time but apparently not

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