Thursday, August 29, 2013


heyyyyy gs

wow gob why do you always have so many classes

well nice pic

that could be a game except some games im just too lazy for like the ideal game for me is one where you dont have to open any other tabs or windows to do it and that is not the thing. we could just do that for fun though

hahah i was reading random posts the other day and i found the best post on thegoblog

good 1 para

well i watched another ep of parenthood i mean just the parts w/ a lil guy and he was so lil but everyone else is so big. i do not care for the g

omg last night i went in the kitchen and it was dark and i turned on this lights and hawkeye was just sittin on the counter like this so small

what a baby

ok theres supposedly gonna be a modern les mis tv show which obviously is the dream but it sounds really bleh like for one thing its on fox and it sounds just like a blah lawyer show w/ the basic concept of an ex criminal tries to avoid a guy who wants his ass back in jail. who knows if it will have other les mis characters in it and who especially knows if they'll be done right im so doubtful. also the jvj character is gonna have a love life or something wtf and why. 

beep boop bye

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