Saturday, August 24, 2013

just a goat named joe

Hey gs!!!

Welp I moved into my dorm today.  It's weird that the other girl in my room is white...she seems okay though.

Okay I don't think Abby ever really says any of those things but I will keep an eye out.

Yeah same except the show's not that nice but that's such a teensy guy in a big glug show so that's small of him

Wow its so hot in this world Some people came into my room a little bit ago and they were like wow it's so cool in here....its so hot??????

 Well I really like my new room though.  It's bigger than the room I had last year and it has two closets and it just looks really nice.  Also I didn't loft my bed this time so that will be nice to not have to deal with that.  I still need to put up my posters and set up my desk more though but other than that I've mostly unpacked.  Also what's nice is that my room is right across from the bathroom and there are three showers instead of just one!!!!!

Tomorrow I have to help freshmen move in bleh its going to be hot again tomorrow so that might suck.  At least the lounge of the freshmen dorm is air conditioned idk.

Well now in Marvel Heroes you can collect these things and buy new characters and new costumes with them.  So far I have 8 very nice I just need 592 more to buy Spider-Man.

Welp that's it have a nice day!!!

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