Sunday, August 18, 2013

when falls the goat

Hey gs!!!

Wow Hob at first I thought your post was Gob's post and I was like wow Gob wrote a real post and responded to things but then I realized and I was like oh.

Yeah I've seen like 4 movies this summer???  Also I saw some of them multiple times crazy day.

Yeah I want to see Fruitvale Station but I guess I'll wait until its out on dvd and then download it or something.  Haha but 10/10 is the same as 100/100 just saying.  Well Fruitvale Station's probably better though like Parenthood is a dumb show do not attempt unless you really want to see Micahel B. Jordan be a cutie.

Yeah same like Loki looks gross all the days also I feel like people who really love Loki have a really bad understanding of him and also like excusing him for everything he does makes them seem like horrible people and like wow I saw some people saying they wanted Jane to be killed for slapping Loki like bro even Loki didn't care about that like bro he destroyed New York City like what are you doing man?????

Yeah it was hard to hold all those at once I had to take the picture with my foot I'm not even joking.

Oh I got another one today by the way.

Tyt I got poster strips.  But I might need more idk I have a lot of posters but idk if they will even all fit on my walls I will have to see.

Tyt about my vid

Yoooo what are you writing?  Well I'm still writing my fic I just finished chapter 3 probs like 1 or 2 more chapters left then I can finish the fic I started months and months ago then maybe I will write something else then maybe I will write a sequel to this I love writing

Haha what was funny to me is that Abby revealed to me yesterday that on the first day of eleventh grade when we met she lied when I asked her if she asked writing and she said yes. Like bro we spent the next two years writing constantly that was a horrible mistake for you. Jk probs not because she does like writing now so I guess I changed her life forever

I am flattered someone would lie to be my friend though

Boop boop there's nothing else to say.

Have a nice day!!!

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