Tuesday, April 16, 2013

look down (chickens)

hyehy gs

wiow im so hunrgy im lik e onga pass out is eveyron e going to bed y et why fno wtf

whats evern thi s day i hate i t i awant to die this week wont end

wow i hate phones

i hate when people yawn loudly its like good for you im so gla d you wyaned but noo  one want s to hear it

gobs what will your app do

whats even an android im not realy sure


ok para i think ill invest

hahah did u renmembvr what the fic was from saying "icr what the fic was honey" or

ok ill try to write it but ed  not if im so hungry

rlly nice pics as i alredya dsaid

i need to ifnish i pic but ti c ant do anyhting rn

i just how fo you draw hair

its prob eeasier w/out a mouse bc i tried to draw hair on my kinld e and it looked better but the porb on there is i have to draw w/ my finger whci h makes some things easier and omse things harder. bleh i have a tablet but idk wheres the software. waitr that wasnt all i aws gonna say that apra has drawn hair w/ a mouse so its prboably just me

did you know theres a thing on amazoln where you canm complete lil job things and earn money. ive earned like $12 aw yeah

;let this night come to an end

whens it gonan end

when we gonna live

soemthings sgotta happen now or sometings gotta giev itll ocme itll come itll coem itll come

where ar ethe leaders of the blog

where are the gobs who run this show

onkly one gob and thats goblin

speaks for the paras here below

see our children dead

help us w/ our posts

something for a nice lil fic when someone plays the game

plays the game plays the game plasy  th egame playst the game

goblin is ill and fading fast

wont last the week out so they so

with all the ange r on the blog

hosw long befofr eht e judgment day

before we cut the comp men don w to size

before the punismhents arise

watch out fvor that ol glug noah. all of his family's on the blog. once ran a glug ninja ducks blog. bit of a po make no mistake. he's got a friend who's name is sam rush. he is a rfeal fantasti cguy. thats hawkeye she knows her way about only a cat with lots of hair do we care not a chance we love bread WE LOVE BREAD!

ok sorry fo r this hunrgy post byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedrftgbhlmk,;'./

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