Monday, April 15, 2013

tree cats

heyy gs.

yeah i have 3 weeks of school left including finals.  this week is the last real week of classes, next week is study week, and the week after is finals week.  ahhh saying that is kinda making me panic though because it is making me realize i don't have much more time to bring my grade up in this class where i have a c. :(  also i have a composition due at the end of the semester and this made me realize i really need to work faster on it.

oh and cm and i are working on making an android app because it will be cool to have made one and we could potentially make some money off of it.

wow that is so crazy what happened in boston.  it was really confusing at first though because for awhile i really couldn't figure out from the news stories whether they knew if the explosion was just some sort of technical error in the building or it was a bomb...i saw a really graphic picture of the detonation site and there was so much blood and it was really disturbing and i wish i hadn't of seen it. D:  i really hope the person who planted the bombs was just some random person and not some organization or anything trying to threaten the us.  also one of my friends that is muslim posted on facebook he really hopes the bomber isn't muslim because of how many people would condemn him and his family and all muslims everywhere.  i really hope america is better than that now.  like it would make me really sad if there was even close to as much muslim hate as there was after 9/11.  also i hope everyone injured from the detonation can have a quick and good recovery.  it's amazing though how almost instantly there was so much coordination online for support for the people in boston.

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