Sunday, April 21, 2013

cat space

 heyy gs.

sorry to sorta be doing a last minute post (only 15 minutes until midnight) again but i just had a super  busy day today and i almost forgot!

okay i will respond to a couple things i neglected to respond to last time.

hob, microsoft is looking to pick it up, so i don't think it is a rumor but idk how likely or not it is to actually happen.

also, we don't know what kinda app we are going to make for sure yet.  an android is like an iphone type smart phone but not made by apple.  it's like just about as big of a smart phone company as apple.

para a study week is just the week of classes before finals week where a lot of times teachers choose to cancel classes or just spend the classes reviewing but you're not supposed to do anything major during the week.

okay well i would respond to more things but i only have a few minutes left to do this post...

2 more weeks of school until summer!!!!!

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