Monday, April 22, 2013

apollo and the buffalo and chickens chickens chickens oh!

heyyyyyy goats

ok everyone just so you know, you have three days to work on your post so you dont necessarily have to start it in the last hour of the last day, js

well it cant be as big as apple because ive never heard of it. well i mean ive heard of it a lot but ive never known what it was

para you should draw every marvel person on your big piece of paper

you can do the jobs here

oh and i forgot to say that some of the jobs are like writing short essays/articles. i havent done one of those yet but yeah. oh goos i just got paid for the last one i did. it was only 60 cents but w/e

the fools in my pic are named jehan and enjolras (from les mis doi). you never say who's in your pics tho. for example who is the guy in the yellow sweater and glasses frm a few posts ago??? welp really nice piccies!!!! i still cqcml at those two pics. we should use the one of us as a banner or s/t idk

ok bleh the pic i've been working on is not quite done. i think im doomed to always have one not quite done pic when im supposed to post. fortunatley i have one done one that was not quite done last time but it's not very good. its def not as good as the one im doin now and its probs not as good as the other ones idk. anyway these fools are named montparnasse and gavroche:

ok hmmm i could talk about game of thrones from last night. i didnt watch it until this morning so yeah/
spoilers spoilers spoilers spoiler spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers spoilers 

*wtf did cat ever do to the writers of the show tbh. i wish she'd die already so i wouldnt have to put up w/ the way she's treated by the writers any longer
*the cersei scenes were rlly great but i wish they hadnt cut out the scene that was supposed to be in the last ep where her dad was like "you need to get married again" because that scene is so sad but i wanted to see it and its like one of the only scenes from the book that i remember her being in
*the dany scene was so beautiful i almost cried. sometimes dany annoys me as i think ive said but that was the greatest thing ive ever seen
*jaime :(((((((((((
*i liked when the guy implied that cersei pegs jaime. she probably does tbh
*thats really about all i cared about idk it was a really good ep mostly so

ok what else idk

its fuckin snowing again

apparently theres gonna be a thor trailer tomorrow. but just a teaser i think

oh ok im goin to duluth this weekend and its like ok para you know how last year you were there and noah wasn't and this year it's the opposite of that? well i wish it was like last year because noah is boring and annoying. bleh that was so nice last year. noah probs wont wanna go in a deserted room at night and watch rupaul. not that i would necessarily want to bc i havent been watching this season yet but/ maybe we could watch it w/ para when she gets home. anyway bleh

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