Saturday, April 27, 2013

the cats in the lobby

heyy gs.

okay so i was busy literally like all day, first playing music for a bar mitzvah, and then playing in this concert, and then studying for my finals next week so i don't have time for a huge post.

i didn't really want to play music at the bar mitzvah because the rabbi never told cm and i what to play so we had to learn the music in less than a week...but on the bright side we each got $50 for playing!

um para why does that rat remind you of me...?  also i don't find rats or mice cute no matter what, except remmy in ratatouille is pretty cute but he's not real.  bleh speaking of mice i think i heard one underneath the computer desk or something today. D:  i hate when i hear them scuffling or squeaking and never no if they will actually come out or not.

well i'm going to go study for my finals some more and then go to bed pretty soon.

later gs.

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