Friday, April 19, 2013

all the pretty chickens

heyyyyy gs!

im starting my post rlly early bc im so bored


but i wont post it early like a glug

gob is there a big chance of that or is it just like a rumor or

the jobs are mostly like taking surveys and stuff and theres also a lot that are like transcribing audio and you can get paid a lot more for some of those though for some of them you have to take qualification tests that are hard to get a good enough score on.

uh this is the song

wow wtf joy is a dummy. if she even touched my stuff i would push her out the window. have you yelled at her yet?

wow yeah g i hate when ppl say dumb things about something you make or whatever. its like first of all, you try doing better at making the thing, and second of all, it's not really your place to say what shuold be dif about it, and third of all, it's really mean to criticize something unless a person asked for it to be critisized. like i made this graphic like last week and people kept like laughing at one of the things i put in it and that was really mean of them bleh.

anyway really nice pics para!!!!!!!!!! ok i have at least one pic. idk if the other one will be done today. bleh i hate when a thing is almost done but you have like all these little details to finish on it. thats me w/ this one pic. ok heres the first one of two little guys:

this is not my ship but the one on the right is in my ship. well i guess i could ship them but when i looked for fics for it some things about all the fics were not what i watned.................

anyway i drew that because ok everyone always draws the guy on the left looking like a g just because he likes flowers and poetry and stuff and people draw him exactly the same always and theres not even any physical description of him in the book and thats really annoying, and then  there's a lot of descriptions of the guy on the right and he's actually supposed to look like a g or whatever but everyone just draws him like he looks in the movie and i hate how he looks in the movie and it all makes me so angered. so.

bleh i guess im gonna only have like 20 jamz for duluth. ah well atl east its only two days.

wow it snowed probs like 6 inches yesterday what the fuck

bleh theres been nothing to drink in this house for several days and i thought i would be saved today but alas no one went to the grocery store and now we dont even have any milk im gonna die

i see a small cat

these furry kitties on our floors here they come walking once again our little dog would chase them off he never had a scrap of brain hey skatie cat what's up today i havent seen you much about meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow mind that big dog dont cat you up meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow dont judge a cat on how she looks i know a lot of things i do boy skatie the things you know you wouldnt find in books bc you cant read i like the way you grow your fur i like the way you always sneeze little she is little she seems

mo was just crawling on the floor


do you ever think about katie utke crawling up the stairs

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