Monday, September 27, 2010

Practically Perfect

Wow, idk why but my mondays are like getting to be so much better than they usually are! like last week was a pretty good monday and so was today! here's a list of reasons why today was a good monday:

-none of my classes extremely sucked
-in creative writing we had a sub so i got to just read all hour
-band class went by super super fast
-no activities after school
-i got to be home alone for most of the day and blast loud music and not have my mom or dad telling me when to do homework and stuff
-i watched the season premiere of dexter season 5

omggg i think i like officially love mondays now! this is so crazy!!

i'm so excited about having dexter to watch every monday now! it airs on sunday night actually, but i don't have shotime so i either stream it off tv shack or download it the day after. like the episode was already up by the morning when i woke up! though i didn't have time to watch it in the morning so i watched it when i got home from school. it wasn't like the best episode ever but it was pretty good and i think the season is going to get better as it gets further in.

wowww i really need to get working on my fic considering it's due this saturday. blehhh maybe i'll work on it some tonight once i finish this post.

hahaha i feel like such a big g for answering those para quizzes! sorry gs! hahah idek why i thought hob was mad at me for not answering them instead of not making my own. oh well, inbd.

aw g, i'm really hungry again. i wish i either had some more chicken nuggets or someone could fix me some pizza because i don't feel like getting up and fixing it right now. actually i am going to go make a pizza. brbbb


club penguin: 13/35
chipotle: 13/22
here is the new quiz and it's a nice click-able link just for you hob! :D 23/35

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