Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Candidate

hey gs!!!

ok i'm so not in the mood to post but i think i have a lot of important stuff to talk about so let's see.

oh yes hob and i have decided on gob's punishment and here it is: gob will have to write an m rated piece of slash fanfic that is at least 1,000 words. so he just picks two people, and write a fic about them. it has to be really inaprop, remember. and well there might be a list of things he has to include but we don't have it yet, sorry.
wait here is one at least:
*c & b torture top

ok the next thing i need to say is everyone needs to go here and vote.

ok now for your convenience, here are the categories you should vote in and what you should vote for. (you don't have to vote in all the categories, just click on the side to look through them.) but at least vote for all of these:

* ultimate scream. vote for inception.
*best science fiction move. vote for inception.
*best tv show. vote for lost and NOT dr who.
*best director. vote for christopher nolan.
*best scream-play. vote for inception
*best science fiction actress. vote for ellen page.
*best science fiction actor. vote josh holloway.
*best superhero. VOTE FOR ZQ!
*best supporting actor. VOTE FOR JGL!
*best supporting actress. vote for yunjin kim.
*breakout performance male. vote for tom hardy.
*best ensemble. vote for inception.
*fight scene of the year. vote for the anti-gravity hotel fight!
*holy sh!t scene of the year. vote for the paris street one.
*best f/x. vote for inception.

wow hello that is a lot. well especially vote for the ones where i told you the answer in caps lock. haha did you like me telling you exactly what to vote for? doesn't that make it so much easier?! hahahaha

alright hello now i will play the game.

aw g on the spice girls one i only got 1/20. D:

on the star trek one i got 8/8

ok now take this quiz i got 75/78. bleh i had a ton of time left but i couldn't think of the last three eps. they were all from s4 too.

wow hello if anyone beats me in that quiz it will be really embarrassing and shameful.

alright that is all. goodbye.

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