Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jigsaw Memory

Hey gs. Guess what????? (subject related to Doctor Who so if you want Para you don't have to read this part)

Today my sonic screwdriver came!!!! It is so awesome!! It lights up and makes the sound too! Haha every time I turn off a light now I use my sonic screwdriver on it to turn off the light and pretend like I didn't flick the switch.

Haha oh yeah, and something ironic I noticed about my sonic screwdriver- I had to use a real screwdriver on the sonic screwdriver to install the batteries! But now that I have a sonic screwdriver I never will need to use a real screwdriver ever again! Unless it runs out of battery...D: Does the doctor's screwdriver even run on batteries? Idek.

Oh also CM got this awesome 4 port TARDIS usb hub!! It lights up and makes the sound whenever you plug something into it!!

Okay now you can read this Para. I'm done talking about Doctor Who stuff.

Ouchh I just cut my finger on my braces putting on a rubber band and it won't stop bleeding! D: And like every time I squeeze my finger blood comes gushing out. Blehhh. Today has been weird because it's been like really bad but really good at the same time. Like some sucky and bad things that happened were, i had to run 3/4 of a mile in gym, they ran out of chicken tenders at lunch (which i had been eagerly waiting for all week), and i got my rubber bands for my braces today. But a bunch of really awesome and good things happened too like the arrival of my sonic screwdriver, and all my classes being super easy and having no homework! Haha oh yeah and getting to watch one of my friends eat this SUPER hot sauce called ghost chilli or something and then touch his eyes on accident while he still had the oils on his hand. He chugged like 4 containers of milk and when he lifted up his shirt to wipe his eyes that were burning he was like sweating a ton. His eyes were like soooo red it looked like he had been crying! Actually, I think the hot sauce did make him cry a little. Haha it was really funny!! Well actually that's kinda mean to say it was funny, but seeing as he is a kid who did it just to be funny, I don't think he would be offended by me thinking it was funny.

Okay g, so have you ever gotten into a mood where like you can't stop listening to one particular kind of music and that's all you ever listen to? idek why but lately I just can't stop listening to anything except electronic music. So pretty much I've been listening to MGMT, Passion Pit, Crystal Castles, and Radiohead's album Kid A. Idek why I keep listening to like the same songs over and over. What a glug I am!

Goosbag! My finger stopped bleeding mostly!! Brb, showing Noah my sonic screwdriver.

Okay I'm back. Wow g, that was like a huge amount of text. Now time for some nice pics.

To compare it to the movie, go to 43 seconds into this trailer.

A new picture from Harry Pottter 7 of Lupin authenticating Harry.
2 awesome Doctor Who posters:

Okay so today is August 1 and you know what that means. Time for a new game. The new game this month will be you take a quiz on or actually any other quiz at any other website and then post your results here. Also, you have to do the quizzes other people take.

Can you name the characters who died in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

I got 17 out of 22! That's not too bad a score.

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