Monday, September 20, 2010

Hungry Man

wowww today was actually a really good monday and not a sucky one for a change! :D and the whole day after school i've been home alone so i didn't have my mom around to tell me to do school work or practice piano or anything. this is so great!

okay you know how we were talking about how our posts used to be so awesome and now they suck? well this is going to be an awesome post!! haha i was reading our posts in janurary and i noticed we used to like ask each other questions in blog posts and actually answer them. we should start doing that again. i feel like a bunch of times i ask questions no one actually ever responds to them like para said in her last post. we also used to comment on every post but we don't do that anymore either.

omggg g you know what i just love? when i put my ipod on shuffle because i don't know what i want to listen to and then like the perfect song comes on and from there i know what to listen to. you know what i mean gs?

oh yeah, and speaking of music, what's some good new music i can download?

i'm hungry. brb.

this is a miracle!! for once we actually have really good food in the house!! i'm eating some chicken salad, a pickle, some wavy lays, and a beer. haha jj about the beer but there's an empty bottle right next to me from when nathan was over here and drank one so it looks like i might have drank it. haha i didn't really though. omg, and if i'm still hungry after all this food we have frozen pizzas so i can fix one of those too. goos! i just finnished my chicken salad and i'm still hungry so i have a feeling in a little bit i'm going to go make a pizza.

guess what???? a new harry potter and the deathly hallows trailer is coming out wednesday!!!! icqcme!!!!

oh yeah gs, i have a question for you. are we going to see the harry potter movie before thanksgiving and then at thanksgiving pretend like it's our first time seeing it? because i kinda want to cuz 2 of my friends and i really want to go to the midnight showing together. haha you should fly down to indiana and we can all see it at the midnight showing together!

okay brb, i'm going to start making the pizza.

omgggg i just looked in the freezer and we have SCRIBBLER POPSICLES!!!!!! AND GOGURT!!! OMG I HAVEN'T HAD GOGURT IN FOREVER! I HAVEN'T HAD THEM SINCE LIKE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! haha i am like most excited goblin ever. i can't wait to eat gogurt for dessert!!!! =D

omgg there is like so much great food in this house right now. how is this even possible???
haha i love how like half of this post deals with me talking about food in my house. i feel like the master from doctor who when he's like stuffing all that food into his mouth.

yummmm. that was good. haha okay enough talk about food.

oh yeah i still have to play the game:

elephant love melody: 0/188
fish: 7/12
i got 16/19

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