Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

Hey gs. Sorry, I just really don't feel like posting right now because I'm just in a crappy mood and had not such a great day so sorry if this is a suck post. D:

Here's the game:

i got 26 out 44 on the presidents one
i got 52 out of 78 on the heroes one. i probably could have done better if i thought about it harder but i really don't care right now.

the new game is you have to type the numbers 1-100 in a minute. it's a lot harder than it sounds! but i still got 100/100 with 5 seconds remaining

well now i have to go look all around the house for my shoes. i have no idea why they are so fucking hard to find but like i looked for them for like 30 minutes this morning (and 30 minutes when i got home) and i couldn't find them so i had to sit out in gym because i was wearing flip flops and i don't want that to happen again tomorrow. byeee

oh and here's something random:

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