Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello, Dexter Morgan

Hi hello etc etc.
This is gonna be an awesome post because I have homework to do sooooooooooooo.
Alright I'm gonna share thing I don't like in fanfic, first of all.

This is the number one thing I hate in fanfiction more than anything else. This is one of the reasons why I didn't like fanfiction originally, because I would read stuff and it would be like

"Blah blah blah," said the American. He went to his friend's house. He marched inside and started to cook some chicken for the actress.

And I was always like, okay you don't find that 9347789346 times when you read books so why do people have to write fanfics like that?
In slash fic, it always does this stupid thing where it's like "the older man" and "the younger man"


OCs and also making up names for people
Like I don't know, it's just annoying when someone doesn't have a last name or a first name and so the author makes up a last/first name for them and it's really stupid and ugh. Ok sweetie try just working around that please. Like ugh I hate when the author makes up a first name for Eames and it's really stupid and then Arthur always calls him that. Can he just call him Eames please?


"You ordered them under my name?"
"No, I ordered them under mine," Arthur said. He lifted up the package and showed Eames the address label. "See. Arthur Eames."
"Your last name is Eames?" Eames asked incredulously.
"I changed it after I married you," Arthur said. "I thought I told you. I do it for all my husbands. It's just a professional courtesy, even though it's hell with the paperwork." While Eames soured on the reminder of Arthur's six other husbands, Arthur added, "Why would you think it was for you? It clearly says Arthur."
"Um," Eames said.
"Holy shit," Arthur said.
"How did you not know?" Eames said helplessly. "It was on the marriage contract, wasn't it?"
"You spelled your own name wrong, remember!" Arthur retorted, sounding increasingly panicked. "I couldn't even tell what your first name was supposed to be. It was just a bunch of keymashing!"
"Then how did you process it into a legitimate marriage?" Eames said.
"I have no idea! I don't do the office side of the business! It was in Canada! Who the hell knows what Canadians are up to in the frozen north!" Arthur said. "You're -- you're seriously telling me that your first name is--"
"My mum was really into Malory," Eames confessed.
"How is this even possible!" Arthur shrieked.
"Hey, isn't that a bit harsh on Malory?" Eames said.
Arthur buried his face in his hands. "The...monogrammed...towels...are...ruined...forever."
Eames attempted to rub his back. "There there. It's not as awful as all that, love."
"Oh shut up, Arthur."

Alright and as for OCs, it's like ok wtf there are 95765467547 awesome characters in the thing you're writing about, why do you have to make up new terrible ones?!

Yeah, same. It's like ok if you read/write this stuff, what even are you. Get a life bro.
jj jj

Gross. man. Ok let me just say that there is so much Supernatural stuff of this and it's like ok do people actually ship that in a "get me some smut of that" kinda way?

when there is a sex scene and one of them is being a meanie
...haha. Ok it's like whatever you can do some bondage and stuff a little but if you are being really mean and like calling them names and being really out of character it's like ok no thank you please

Well now I'm just gonna say that I like AU mostly. And non-con is kinda growing on me. But there has to be specific circumstances. Alright if it's between like one of my fave pairings then I don't like it, but someimtes I do if it's between a pairing that I like but is not my number one fave. Like Arthur/Eames=ntyt but Arthur/Mal=yes please

Speaking of fanfiction..
owait we're always speaking of fanfiction.
by we i mean me
but anyway speaking of fanfiction, here is the official deadline for Gob's piece of writing:

Saturday, October 2 at 11:59 PM, Goblin Standard Time

remember, 1,000 words, bro.

Speaking of Gob, I bet he's watching Dexter right now.
That's because I was talking to someone and she said she had to go watch Dexter and I was like bleh.
Because first of all I didn't want her to leave and second of all, gross, Dexter.

Now's the part where we raise our hands if we've started our homework.
As to whether I am raising my hand, that's a secret.

Speaking of whether, there was some really nice weather this evening. It was cool-ish out. I love fall weather, is what I'm saying.

Hey guys here's something I overheard at Chipotle today:

Girl #1: There was this movie over the summer I really wanted to see. I think Leonardo DiCaprio is in it.
Girl #2: Oh I saw that. I slept through most of it.

Wow wtf is those peoples' probs.
Is it just me or has this been a really great post?

Wow there's someone I want to kill right now and it's this girl that keeps posting these stupid Harry Potter movie countdwon picture things.
Man I am only a little bit excited for that movie. OK here's my problem: why was the 6th movie trailer the greatest thing in the entire world and the 7th one was a suckfest?
Wow nobody even understands this though. But you know what? the 6th movie was a suckfest so this is probably a good thing because it's not like the trailer is making me have really giant expectations for the movie.

I think it's game time, men.
btw I really like it when there is a clickable link because it is just a hassle to copy and paste the think, let me tell you.
I'm looking at you, Gob.

Well guys, I got 48/52 on the words one. Man that one was a frustration and a half. But let me tell you, the first time around I didn't understand the rules, and I thought you were supposed to add 1 letter to the word that shows up, and the first one was ape and I was so sure it was rape and it wasn't and I didn't know how the hell you were supposed to do that. But then I looked at para's and gob's scores and I was like oh shit they figured it out I must just be this big ball of stupid but then I figured out the real rules.

1/35 on the club penguin 1.
I got igloo. I win.

Here's a Chipotle menu one:
I got 18/22

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