Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seeing Red

Wow, so i like almost completely forgot i have to post today! good thing i remembered!

omg wow, i've had like sooooo much pizza today!!! not that that's a bad thing though. because they were selling pizza from papa john's after school and i got two slices and then we ended up ordering pizza from papa john's for dinner and we got like 2 whole large cheese pizzas so i think i ate like 5 pieces! and we still have leftovers so i might have pizza for a midnight snack!!! haha i love pizza.

blehhh when is that fic due again? i have a ton to do on it still. aw g, i'm going to really have to work a ton on it and fast DDDD:

omggg wow, right after i get done talking about pizza, i see on someone's facebook status that he made like 30 pizzas at work! haha maybe he works at papa john's and made some of that pizza i ate!!

here's the game:

speaking of the game, anyone have any ideas for next month's game?

triangle game: 6/6
full house: 2/25 and i just guessed those.
new game: colors in spanish 10/10

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