Saturday, September 18, 2010

Past Experience


hello its like every time i ask q in my posts they never get answered. ok look back at my last few posts and you will see a BUNCH of unanswered qs that i would like answers to.

so almost 20k words in my mad eye story. so you know that's...coming along. hahah gi? blehh i mean i like writing it but i wish it would write itself or else i wish i could write the thing faster because i want to work on other things and dslkgjsgldjs i don't have that many ideas for the rest of it. like in just a min they will go into the the dream and i don't actually know what's going to happen in there. i would ask you people if you had any ideas but as we know when i ask qs in posts they never get responded to.

wow but seriously i have so many ideas for fics to write. like not last night but the night before i had this awesome dream and when i woke up i was so glad i hadn't known i was dreaming in the dream because that would have made it way less awesome. but anyway i REALLY want to write a fic about that dream. plus i want to write some sylar/hrg.

well this will be my last post before i depart with my school so fyi don't expect me to post until at the earliest, friday.

wow i just accidentally made a super awesome hiro icon. when would i even use a hiro icon? i don't even like the guy. its super awesome though.


alright let's play that game we all love.

ok on the duff one i got 19/80. aw g.

i got 2/20 on the star wars one... well that's more than i expected!

aaaaah i accidentally cracked one of my knuckles. owww it hurt i hate that omg i'm never doing that again. DDDDDDDDD: oh my god it made it feel so weird. i'd never experienced before owwww i hate life.

i got 188/188. i'm so awesome.

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