Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hagrid's Tale

omg today i saw inception for the 5th time. it was awesome. i guess we all know about that already
i am awesome
wow i just love that movie
wow rn i just feel like reading some darn fics but I HAVE HOMEOWRK TO DOOOIOUIGRVHNEF
like a lot
but i dont have class till 3:30 tomorrow
so i have like a whole day tomorrow to do it
but not really cuz ill probs get up late
im so hungry
i pretty much had some cheezits for dinner
ugh today i was gonna have breakfast/lunch whatevs but the cafeteria closed like RIGHT when i got there! ugh! well they have stupid g food on the weekends anyway. it is always so refreshing when i go on the weekdays and theres just tons of food there and yum yum yum.

wow. raise your hand if you read that fic i recommended.
if you are not raising your hand, why do you live, harry potter?
haha idek
my hand is cold so i cant tyope good

omg there was somethin i was gonna say. icr it. oh yeah
it is this:

click on it to read it and then probs click again to enlargen it


that's it
owait the game
ok 25/25 on the inception one like a boss

ok 12/12 on the lost one like another boss

ok 11/18 on this rugrats one

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