Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Package

Wow para, thanks a lot. i told you never to bring that up again.
D: D: D: D:

well i just ordered the best thing to ever exist so in yo face

ugh but waiting for packages to come in the mail is like the hardest thing i'll ever have to do. legit.

haha i had a good laugh at something gob said in his last post. omg

here's a video for you

haha omg i'm writing this fic and i've been working on it for WEEKS and ok here's one of the sentences right now "Arthur is dressed as jhaslasg as ever, askgkasgasg. His hair safjasghag"


i really like this fic though. but it's like copmpletely different from what i thought it was gonna be. idek.

wow gs idek how it is already almost friday. what even

omg speaking of fics, ok gob probs wouldn't be interested in this but ok...well actually para wouldn't be that interested either prob but if you feel like a 15,000 word fic, girl it's like the best thing ever EVER
and it is here

also it's pretty inaprop, but just at the end. i think it's nc-17. haha.
speaking of that, how's the fic coming along, gob? when can we be expecting that??!?!?!?

ok on the numbers thing is got 80
on the inception one i got 8/8. surprise surprise

ok here's an mcs lyrics one. i got 11/11. i win.

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