Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back To The Beat

heyyy geebers!

bleh ok here is what happened today. ok so i was in a good mood after school but then mother put me in a bad mood. also another thing that put me in a bad mood was noah eating my last caramel apple pop. what a big g why would he even?

hey g you know who i miss? my g.

ok wait i just wanted to say that well au is ok with me sometimes like espec if someone started writing a fic and then things that happened in the show contradict what they had already written and then it just continues from there. except ok the only thing that bugs me about that is that when i read fics that were written during s1/s2 it always annoys me that sylar doesn't have regen and idk i get so annoyed by that. but i hate au that's like well i can't explain it. idk.

ok then i also wanted to say that i thought of something else i can't stand in a fic. its called i hate rpfs. well ok i can think of a couple exceptions to that but mostly i just think you are a creeper if you write that. or even if you ship any like actors with each other. i just think that is weird and creepy of you.

omg do you sometimes just get this really good feeling about a fic even though only one chapter had been written so far and you've only read the summary and the very beginning? well that is me right now. i am even saving the rest of this chapter for later. what even am i?

alright one more thing about fanfic. its called this fic that hasn't been updated in FOREVS was just updated! omg i'm so excited to read it but i think i need to reread the rest of it first because icr what happens in it at all. i just remember it was wonderful so it will be nbd to reread it.

ok gs you know what sucks? next week i have to be camping again. DDD: i'm not even joking gs in one week from today i will be camping.
i just want to die gs. i mean ntyt i am still recovering from last week. i just want to chill please. but ok its just for one night but still askldjsklsgjdklsgj PLEASE NO DDDDDDDD:

ok gs but good news by the end of the week the nanowrimo 2010 site will be up! icqcme for nanowrimo! omg gob are you doing it this year?! hob are you? you should dskljklgjdskgj i can't wait.

ok but hold up gs before we go further we must first go back. and by that i mean i really really miss last fall and i wish this fall could be as good but i don't think that is possible at all. ok remember last year i was so depressed when december began because november was like the best month of my life omg. i just wish it could be last november again. or last october even omg DDD: let me just name a few things that made last november awesome that i won't have this year:
*my g
*some of the best heroes eps of my life

well ok those are the only two things i can think of but darnitall i miss heroes. DDD:

actually ok i will have my g for part of november! that will be awesome! omg why am i even thinking about november right now? its september wtf am i? ok hold up there are some awesome stuff happening in october
*mcs concert
*something i don't know if i'm supposed to talk about but lauren knows what it is
*seeing my g
*preparing for nano

and that's about all i can think of really.

omg you know who is so stupid? michael flood aklsjflakjsflasjflajsfklja

oh gs i just remembered there are two vids that haven't been on our blog yet that i made. ok here they are:

ok neither of these are my best vids ever but idk i think they are pretty good. and ok i've been trying to think of another song for a sylaire vid and well like i know a lot of good sylaire songs obvs but idk i want to use one that is like a popular song because my vid with that one song is super popular omg. well that one is really quality also. idek. but ok if anyone had any ideas it would be nice of them to share.

omg grump in our house what is this?

hello? yeah speaking. um october or...? um...no. wait nine to tenth? wait is it from the eighth to the ninth or the ninth to the tenth? ok let me see if i...? i don't care if i... ok. ok. what? ok. welp...see you later. ok. ok. bye.

that was a just noah's phone call only it was just the noah part.

wow if you are wondering if para is really bored the answer is yes.


ok 9/22 chipotles and that is craz because i just guessed because i've never really eaten there.
ok and 9/35 topping because i was too lazy and i never get any toppings

6/6 like a boss.

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