Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's Coming

hey gs!


bleh my friend is supposed to come over but she's going to call me when she's on her way and so far she hasn't called yet. i might just have to order pizza without her because i have this rumbly grumbly tummy for a jar full of honey.

ok hello i'm so bored.

alright gob i will make you a list of stuff that has to be included in your fic:
*c & b torture top
*a blow job

also you must have at least 10 dif inaprop words

wow hello i can't wait for this fic.

ok now i will play the game.

ok on the mcs i got 10/11.

i got 23/25 on the inception on.

ok the new quiz is this super easy and boring lost quiz but i just wanted to something easy and boring. i got 12/12.

hahaha omg the name of this post.

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