Friday, September 10, 2010


Okay wow, I totally almost forgot about this post but it's a good thing the football game ended early and I still have plenty of time!!

haha i'll get started on that M rated fic once someone makes me the list of stuff that has to be included. Oh yeah and i just found the list of stuff i can't write about in my creative writing class and here it is:

-Excessive violence

Okay...some of the stuff like racism and anti-religion and stuff i understand but all the other's like what can you even write about?? omggg this computer is annoying me so much. first of all the screen keeps randomly turning off. and second of all whenever i adjust the cord at the back of the monitor i barely even touch the sound dial and it turns up super high. and third of all there is this bar that says "save project" stuck across my screen. i think my computer stopped being dumb for a little bit now though. ahhh i'm so thirsty. brb

okay back. i got some yummy apple cider. actually brb, i'm going to go see if i can get some ice cream or something to eat. omggg. idek why i'm so hungry.

okay i'm back. i got some noodles and i'm still super hungry but oh well.
hahahaha so there is this picture thing that's a huge grid with a bunch of random letters and it says repost with the first word you see and the first thing i saw was tyt!!!!

haha and here's an awesome random gif
and here
here are the quizzes:

i got 8/8 on the inception one
i got 7/11 on the mcs one

and here's the new one
an inception quiz
i got 19/25

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