Saturday, September 25, 2010

Petrified Lightning

hey gs!

i'm back! ok now raise your hand if you just thought of spinach when i said that. ok just me probs.

hello there were pract only suck posts while i was gone. what even are you gs? but more importantly what is gob for answering the para quizzes. what a big g.

ok now para will answer the para quizzes.

1. do you ship those ships i mentioned?
well idk i've never really thought about it. haha when you said eames/yusuf though i right away thought of that line that you said. i guess if i was going to ship yusuf with someone it would be eames but mostly i ship eames with arthur. cobb/saito...idk whatevs.

2. if i were to watch Dumbo what would ii be thinking about the wholoe time?

3. what do i miss?
the darn summer, me, and mad eye. same except instead of me i miss you. :'(

4. what is your fave thing about this post?
hobbit day! omg when i was at one of the colleges...i think it was northland idk...but i saw a sign that told me about hobbit day! i got the biggest excitement in me about that.

5. how is the title relevant to the post?
you love eggtown. haha jj.

1. list all the thing i have to do
*other stuff
*other stuff

2. how many dif times did i bang on the keyboard

3. am i an expert on knowing stuff about coke?
you are what you eat. haha idek. nah you're not.

those were the easiers para quizzes ever. omg.

alright now you know what i can't wait for? gob's fic. omg dlkfsjdlskjdskgjldsjglds

i just feel like putting a list out there of things i can't stand in a fic.

*oc's. i just want to strangle their necks. it doesn't even matter if they are really well developed, interesting, non-mary sue characters, i just need them all to die in a fire. ESPECIALLY if they are in a plot that is like this "oc was a normal girl until she discovered she had the ability of intuitive aptitude and met a man named sylar who had the same power as her. can she help him understand how love and be a hero? blah blah blah"

*novelizations. no, i don't want to read a fic version of the entire third season thank you very much. not even if you changed something so it is a tiny bit different.

*au. most of the time. i can't think of any exceptions right now, but there are a few. but espec i hate them if its like what would happen if this person didn't die and blah blah blah everything else is the same. i do not like you.

*mpreg. ewwww ewww ewww go away right now, you gross pregnant man. that is not even natural at all. THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN FOR A REASON WHY WOULD YOU WANT IT TO!?!?!

*incest. speaking of gross. THE WORST OF ALL IS PAIRE. NTYT.

*pwp. enough said i think.

*ooc. not crack, just bad writing.

*sylar/gabriel as a split personality. what even. seriously. sometimes this just ruins an otherwise good fic for me. or alternatively, if sylar doesn't have split personality at all, he's just somehow two different people. idgi. AND I HATE IT. would you say voldemort has a split personality just because he didn't like his name? if you would then you are stupid and you completely missed the point.

*non-con. again, there are probably a few exceptions. but come on. its just...creepy.

alright now i'm gonna tell you a little bit about my trip. ok for each college i will tell you the things that sucked about it.

st. scholastica:
*stupid catholic school
*it felt like a prison
*i hate the tour guide
*bad food
*terrible apples

*i didn't get to try the apples

*too much nature
*too much science
*more bad apples
*no climbing wall

uw stout:
*too many stout people
*i didn't get to try the apples here either

ok this was my fave part of the trip. it was this picture that was hanging on the wall in the science building at northland. i just found it on the internet. skills.

ok the game.

7/12 fish.
4/19 cokes.
8/12 parent trap quotes.
11/28 arthur characters.
4/20 pizzas
36/52 words

11/35 locations.

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