Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ahhh sorry i didn't post yesterday. tyt para for posting for me. I really was going to but i procrastinated all day while I was home sick but then I started feeling really really sick and I didn't want to get out of bed and get on the computer to do my post. DDD: It was really awful, like my throat hurt, my head hurt, my body ached all over, and I felt like I was burning up but at the same time I felt super cold. And I had a temperature of 101.8 degrees farenheight. But the good news is today I got to stay home from school again and I'm already feeling a ton better!!!! Blehh going back to school and having missed 2 days of school is going to suck though.

Haha the good thing about being sick though, is even though last night I felt really horrible for the most part it's been pretty fun! Like all I've done is lie in bed, sleeping, watching tv, and eating. Here's a list of all the awesome stuff I've gotten to eat while I've been sick:

-Waffles with whipped cream, strawberries, and maple syrup
-Vanilla Coke
-Chinese food

omgggg these people on facebook are so stupid!!! Do they not get that the "so and so tagged you in a video" thing is fake and just sends like 10 random notifications to people you don't even know?!?!?!?!? I've gotten 5 notifications from people I don't even know that they tagged me in a video and it's just so darn annoying! What even...these people aren't even my friends on facebook. Oh wait...nvm...it was a real video of the marching band at the band contest and not the scam thing like I thought it was. Hahahaha oops I guess I'm just a little paranoid.

omggg time for another rant, but this time one for real. It feels so hot in here I'm gonna die!!! D: Like I'm seriously sweating. I wonder what my temperature is now.

what the? why is everything i'm think of talking about in this post all negative and ranting?? Ahhh and I just thought of another thing to rant about!!! My phone not only has a huge black spot over the top half of the screen but it's keyboard does not function now. Great. And awhile ago I asked my dad when we are elligible for a new phone and it's not until Feburary. So until then I'm going to have to live with a half working phone that is nearly impossible to text on. =/ Luckily, even if you can't see half of the touch screen, it still works, knock on wood. Ahh I keep forgetting my keyboard doesn't work anymore though and I keep trying to type on it.

Okay, from this point on, NO MORE ranting. *ends rants*

well actually this might just be close to the end of my post because I feel kinda tired. oh yeah, and para, i've started a little bit on working on my fic.

here's the game:
on the lost one i got all 12/12
on the rugrats one i got 4/18
on the mulan one i got 17/29

and here's the new quiz:

i got 28/49
what the...i haven't even heard of some of these movies!! D:

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