Sunday, May 5, 2013

nothing can stop...the goat!

Hey gs!

Bleh I am so sick of studying let this end

That's so goos that you are coming to get me g!!! I still have to get my jamz wow when am I going to do that

Nice piccies Gob!

Yeah I would also suggest using something other than paint because pain is dumbo.  Actually I use photoshop because I got it with my tablet but I used to use firealpaca which you can download for free and is really simple to use.

No Hob like I said I have a GIANT PIECE OF PAPER.

Yqw for the references. Aw g that must have been a horrible experience but at least you didn't lose all your tabs when your roommate tried to murder your computer.

Hey I met my new roommate today crazy stuff.

Why do you need so many translations of that darn book???

Uh I don't think I ever told you about Spock but I guess it's possible that I did.

Aw g I bet you would care for some of those movies if you knew the characters.  I like all of them a lot better than Black Widow probably. But I still like Black Widow so yeah a Black Widow movie with some Hawkeye would be awesome esp because there aren't really any woman superhero movies I mean there are a few but they all suck and none that have been recently made.

Did I say klaine? No I said KAINE! Okay I know I told you about Kaine do I have to draw you a picture of Kaine as well?

Well no it's not a comic book store its a store that has some comics but I mean they don't even get new comics they just have comics leftover from when they used to get new comics and also John has a lot of comics in the basement that I guess nobody ever buys but me. It's only free comic book day for participating stores and obviously this isn't one of them because there are special free comics and so yeah obviously they won't have them there.

Aw well we will have to go the comic book store when I get home and pay for comics instead.  Well it doesn't really matter because the free comics weren't that great this year and probably the real fun thing about free comic book day is that it's this exciting event and some comic book stores have creators visit the stores and fun activities and stuff.

Tyt about my pics. But hold a sec Spock wasn't the first not Marvel person I drew doi I also drew Danny Phantom or are you forgetting

Aw g dif I want to watch some new eps to see hurt Sam

Nice pic g!!! I really like how the bottles look very nice very nice

Haha what a great vid! That's a good song too. Fun fact Christopher Eccelston is playing Malekith in Thor 2

Okay I had a really weird dream that I was Spider-Man and Flash was there except Flash was also Phi Phi O'Hara??? Idk it was so strange.

Wow I was packing up my stuff today and pretty much just realizing how much of the stuff I brought I didn't even use wow I should bring a lot less stuff with me in the fall I think I am just going to bring my laptop and Spock that's all I need.

Gob what is the first kind of bouncy balls then????

Top 5 fruits:
1. apples
2. pineapples
3. watermelon
4. grapes
5. clementines

Top 5 effects of earthquakes:
1. fire
2. ground cracks
3. liquefaction
4. structural damage
5. seismic sea waves

Welp I am going to go finish studying and then eat midnight breakfast.

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