Saturday, May 11, 2013

face to face with...the goat!

Hey gs!!!

I'm home now!!!! Goos!!!!!!

"summer is the best season because there is no school!  duh!" 

Remember when Noah was being an angsty little shit about hot dogs

Aw g nobody did my list for the game that makes me sad

Yeah Gob we both have seen that that's p awesome though

Top 4 seasons:
1. fall
2. winter
3. summer
4. spring

Top 3 colors:
1. blue
2. black
3. red

Top 10 things you see:
1. my laptop
2. Spock
3. candy
4. Avengers dvd
5. my posters
6. pillows
7. duck
8. notebooks
9. headphones
10. Spider-Man legos

Okay that last list was not in order of how I liked them it was more in order of how I saw them

Top 10 fingers:
1. right pinky
2. right pointer
3. right ring
4. right middle
5. left ring
6. left pointer
7. left pinky
8. left middle
9. right thumb
10. left thubm

Well I saw Iron Man 3!!!! IT WAS REALLY AWESOME!!!




*Wow okay first of all there was this really annoying kid sitting behind us and asking annoying questions throughout the whole thing like a little tiny child and like why did you bring your young child to this movie it is not appropriate for children at all like so much violence and other inappropriate things I mean
*I really liked the whole beginning part like yeah
*I like the end but also I hate it because I love Tony's arc reactor bleh
*Except the very end after the credits is hilarious to me
*When Tony destroyed all his suits those were the most expensive fireworks ever
*That kid was kind of annoying sometimes idk I mean he had his moments but still
*Pepper is so awesome but we knew that
* Every time I see the Iron Patriot armor I think of Norman Osborn still that was so stupid
*The Mandarin is also nothing like the Mandarin but that didn't really matter to me

Welp gotta go more thoughts to come later def because I haven't finished here and I'm gonna see it again

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