Thursday, May 23, 2013

Chapter 1

Wolverine growled like a little wolverine. He loved a good man. The man of his affections was named Jean. Wolverine was unfortunately not available because he was already going out with a girl named Jean. This made his life extremely difficult. On one morning, Wolverine was sitting in a desk when Jean suddenly sneezed.

"Bless your little heart," someone shrieked. Wolverine declared to himself that no one should have those words come out of them. That's when he wished himself a dead bird. Unfortunately, he couldn't yet become a bird, so that was one thing he had to do but the other thing was he couldn't get killed because of his powers.

"You absolute glug," Jean whispered to the person who was blessing him. Wolverine clapped because that was his same thoughts. Jean looked around.

"Who did that?"

Wolverine growled to Jean because he didn't want him to know about his crush. Jean gave him a little wink. Just then, the teacher walked into a pole.

"What did you think you were doing putting that pole here?" the teacher demanded of God. She crawled out of the room. The class was actually a class of many different types of students. They didn't care mostly when the teacher had crawled away. They mostly just wanted to die. Wolverine most of all. He always loved dying but too bad he could only live. The bell wasn't working anymore because Wolverine had shredded the bell into four little pieces of bell. Therefore, when it was time for class to come to an end, no bell sounded. Instead, a little guy named Wolverine growled three words:

"Class dismissed, please."

Everyone cried because they hated their lives.

Once they had left, Wolverine took a look around at the empty place. This made everyone in school afraid that they might soon have to destroy themselves because Wolverine didn't like empty places. He saw Jean outside the window and tried hiding under the teacher's favorite chair. The chair look so good.

"Hey, little Wolverine!" cried Jean. Wolverine slapped himself for being a man of good looks. If he had only been born looking like a man of looks that were bad like his friend named Cyclops, he would have no reason to slap anyone. Just because he wanted Jean, he had no other feelings for anyone.

"Hello?" Jean said, peering into his hiding room.

"Darnitall, bub!" Wolverine growled. He wanted to stab Jean with his claws. Unfortunately, she was powerful so that was a problem.

"What's up, sweetie?" she chuckled innocently. Wolverine wanted to get married to Jean, not Jean. He knew Jean would never chuckle innocently but he was still trapped under Jean's powers. She had mind control and also telekinesis so she made sure Wolverine stayed with her. When Wolverine finally had a chance to be free, Jean just made him forget that he was gay. But today, Wolverine remembered because Jean looked so good. This was why he smashed a window and ran out the smashed window.

"Hey! That's my favorite guy!" Jean yelled cheerfully while Wolverine sped away towards the group of students standing by the tree which looked so good. Wolverine didn't know why but he started laughing like a little wolverine. Then he climbed on the back of one student so he could reach the branches on the good looking little tree. The girl didn't want to have him right there so he stabbed her and grabbed the branch with his legs. He swung himself onto the higher branches and sat up high where he couldn't be reached. He laughed like a little wolverine. Suddenly, Jean could be seen inside the school so Wolverine cried. But he didn't climb down because Jean was right there and he hated climbing down from trees.

Wolverine was looking around and saw some interesting birds in the sky. He wanted to be them.  But he knew that he could never be something like that because nobody could become a creature of such good stuff. Birds, the most majestic little guys! Everyone loved a good bird with good stuffing.

"Hello friends!" Wolverine growled. The birds looked so good. However, they didn't come save him from the nightmare he was living.

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