Monday, May 6, 2013

gliding cat

heyy gs.

yeah i plan on using something other then paint for drawing stuff.  i'll probably use photoshop but i'll need to either illegally download onto this computer or just use cm's computer which already has it installed.

oh yeah, i went to comic book day when i was in bloomington for seth's graduation 2 days ago!  you were only allowed to get 3 comics and i got the star wars comic, the batman comic and the spiderman comic.  there wasn't anything really that special at the comic-book day in the store here though.  all there was to it was the free comics obviously, a little trivia contest, and a raffle but i bet bigger comic book stores do more cool stuff.  ahh and the question seth got wrong on the trivia question was "what is the name of the nurse that is thor's love interest?" and i knew the answer!!! 

well i had more to say in this post but i kinda forgot about it today because i had such a lazy summer day and i don't have much time left so this will be the end of the post.  but i will have some more stuff to say and some more pictures to show in my next post for sure.

Top 5 effects of earthquakes:
1.  maintaining a planetary balance
2.  forming mountains/rivers and natural landscapes
3.  pushing minerals closer to the surface for easier access
4.  pushing fossil fuels closer to the surface for easier access
5.  helping scientists understand the geology of earth

top 4 most disgusting creatures:
1.  rats
2.  mice
3.  mosquitos
4.  flies

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