Thursday, May 30, 2013

cat dipomacy

heyy gs.

wow hob i didn't know you were into arrested development!!! i watched the first new episode and it was funny but something just seemed off and it probably was like you said how each episode focuses on like 1 or 2 characters.  also it was really weird seeing michael act so crazy since usually he is the most sane person on the show.

wow this is awesome!!! the robot in this video is doing like 11 turns of edges per second in order to complete the rubik's cube in just a bit above 5 seconds!

top 5 cuties:

2.  my cats
3.  my future nephew/niece
4.  all kittens
5.  all baby animals

everything had to start with an s you see:

idg this one

top 3 months of summer
1.  june
2.  july
3.  august

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