Thursday, May 23, 2013

chicken is the appropriate response

heyyyy gs

sorry i didn t post yesterday. the reason was because i didnt want to

wow gob you are a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!! how did you fig that out wow. your prize will be awarded to you by para

omg speaking of the indelicates they have a new album and im listening to it right now and its so great wow theyre the best band ever i cant believe more people dont like them i cant believe i probs will never be able to know the lyrics for this album haha. oh wait they put up lyrics to one of the songs???? but not the song i wanted bleh why do they selectively put lyrics on their website idgi

wow the national also has a new album that im gonna listen to next. its a good day to be alive!!!!!!

wow this lady who came to the door todayi wanted to shoot her like first of all she wouldnt stop knocking and then she wouldnt stop going "are you missing a dog? is that your dog? is that your dog? is that your dog? are you missing a dog?" wtf i wish i knew where she lives so i could bomb her house

nice lil piccies para

and viddies

ok i guess ill post this fanmix!!!!

001. dear sons and daughters of hungry ghosts | wolf parade

i got a hand
so i got a fist
so i got a plan
it’s the best i can do 

002. jerusalem | the indelicates

i am never going home again
and we will build jerusalem 

003. the bachelor | patrick wolf

all i want is someone who will
feed them when i’m dead and gone
feed them when i’m dead and gone
‘cause i’m not gonna marry in the fall
and i’m not gonna marry in the spring
i will never marry, marry at all 

004. ballad of a politician | regina spektor

but i am, but i am, but i am
not a number, not a name
but i am, but i am, but i am
a carefully laid plan 

005. paris warlike | mischief brew

this gasoline has met its match
so who shall cast the first red flag? 

006. versus | ladytron

free versus out to sea
versus versus versus me 

007. the words that maketh murder | pj harvey

i’ve seen and done things i want to forget
these, these, these are the words
the words that maketh murder 

008. new world messiah | nocturnal rites

so i’ll fight, stand or fall
choose my fate, feel how it’s calling to us all
stand or fall, the new world messiah
and the dawn of man 

009. motherland | natalie merchant

motherland, cradle me
close my eyes
lullaby me to sleep
it’s your happiness i want most of all
and for that i’d do anything at all 

010. sentinel | vnv nation

to the songs that sing of glory and the brave
are we dreaming there are better days to come?
when will the banners and the victory parades
celebrate the day a better world was won?
on the day the storm has just begun
i will still hope
there are better days to come 

011. further on up the road | bruce springsteen

one sunny morning, we’ll rise, i know
and i’ll meet your further on up the road 

012. behind closed doors | rise against

chairs thrown and tables toppled
hands armed with broken bottles
standing no chance to win but
we’re not running, we’re not running 

013. hopeful hearts | sarah slean

hopeful hearts are moving targets
i don’t know how i survive
we go out like birthday candles
then like suns we rise, we rise
oh, struggle is right
what’s black is white
the moment you fall, you fly
give us your dead
they live again in
our hopeful hearts 

014. what’s left of the flag | flogging molly

and by morning we’ll be free
wipe that golden tear
from your mother dear
and raise what’s left
of the flag for me 

015. defiant | vnv nation

the one who brought the fight
who never said die
never letting fate decide
unto the corners of the earth
defiant to the last breath
until there’s none left standing
no surrender 

016. hallowed be thy name | guignol & mischief brew


017. can you feel the thunder | susanne sundfor

i am merely human

im not gonna put the download link but um if you want it for some reason i can give you it

top 3 things you did not want to do today:
1. dig up joy
2. have a dentist appointment
3. eat a baby

good thing i didnt have to do any of those things

top 9 birds
1. the bird who isn't a bird
2. felix
3. the bird that owns noah
4. baby birdie
5.the third that comes after seven years
6. singing bird
7. hair bird
8. gorgeous bird
9. the bird that loves dylan

top 6 dumbest things
1. pinning your hopes on a change in another
2. xander
3. babies
4. that theres no food in the house
5. the lady that came to the door
6. peanut butter and jelly

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