Wednesday, May 1, 2013

requiem for a chicken song

heyyyyyy gs

bleh its almost 8:00 and i stll havent had dinner. i want my noodles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aw g gob i cant wait to see your drawing though!!!!!

ah yeah now i have my noodles

wow theres a giant piece of egg in this pad thai


i wish these tofus were smaller

or more crispy. like crisp as a roasted baby's bottom

ok ok ok back to responding to things

ok para didnt someone have to draw that pic tho

if it is my roommate molly that would be scary. what if joy came to our house what would you do

can you give me some of the reference places cuz i need some more. yeah its a little sad i guess idk

thats gross of joy

only a little bit more time you have to spend w/ joy!!!! unless she comes to our house

ok i thought i was done w/ this one pic and i was gonna post it but then i looked at it again and some things about it look really bad so i might fix them first so i guess theres no piccies in this post

i better put some stuff in it to make it better because so far all there is is one-line responses to previous posts and liveblogging eating dinner. luckily i still have 3.5 hours to finish the post becuse im a wise old owl

oh wait ii forgot to reply to some stuff

um y do you wanna know what books but ok they are:
*les miserables even though i already had it
*the wretched of the earth
*beginning of the end: france, may 1968

the first 3 i got w/ my gift card frm passover and the other i got from my money that i earned on amazon. bleh i need to make some more money because i have only $3 on there now

ok there was a nother thing i saw that i forgot to reply to but now i cant remember what it was. ah well

ok you know what this post's goat has been gotten so im just gonna post this pic but when you look at it just imagine it looking a teeny bit better than it does. ok it's a pic of roy mustang and riza hawkeye from fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood

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