Saturday, May 4, 2013

chicken will run

hey gs!

jus chillin

only some days until para comes home!!!!





apparently im comin to get para so now i need more jamz i guess!! bleh i dont wanna deal w/ 8tracks. wait i just remembered i have a short list of bands that i wanted to listen to and stuff so

maybe that will save me

ok well

nice piccies gob!! i already said this but w/e they are so cute i espesh like the hagrid one because thats the cutest. you might want to use a program thats not paint so that you wont have the white dots and you can have layers and other stuff. wow i cant imagine drawin a thing w/ just one ,layer. i usually have like 50 layers. anyway i use photoshop and para uses some free program but i forget what it is so she'll have to tell ya

ok para wouldnt you draw it digitally........

tyt for the references. wow one of them is a place i had open in a tab a few weeks ago but then i accidentally lost all my tabs and couldnt find it again so goosbag

i got a book i already had bc i wanted another translation of it. actually i wanna get even another different one too.

bleh when will amazon give me my money. well actually its not amazon's prob it's the prob of the people who i did the jobs for on there. i need to buy a thing

same i guess about star trek

ok i think i get whats spock now. is it the guy you told me about before idk ok w/e

well i wouldnt care for any of those movies but i would care for a black widow movie w/ some hawkeye

i thought klaine was a glee ship

well no one in this house is going to free comic book day so. dont you have a comic book store there w/ good ol whats his name

nice piccies para! it was nice to see you draw a guy who isnt from marvel for once tbh

bleh i thought i wanted to maybe watch some eps of spn s8 but things ive seen lately have made me think there's no way i could stomach it so i think im done here. ok you know what. you know how people always complain like "blah blah blah why does sam never get to have any meaningful relationships w/ anyone besides dean?" and wow shut that up because tbh people can fucking have all of dean's relationships w/ people like pretty much dean's storylines always involve these other charcters who idgaf about?? and then sam's storylines involve actual interesting things. i'd be willing to trade ALL of dean's dumb relationships AND all of the costumes dean has ever worn (which is another thing sam fans complain about and somtimes i like the costumes but really idc that much) for like some more hurt!dean. bleh. ok thats enough spn in this post bleh blah blooh

ok as usual i have an almost finished pic bleh. i guess it's only 4 pm so i could def finish it if i actually tried but bleh. also i have no finished pic ok well i just loooked at the pic and i have barely anything left to do so i guess ill try to finish later. ok here it is its dean winchester from supernatural and grantaire from les miserables by victor hugo. whoops i said thats enough spn in this post but there happens to be spn in this pic nothin i can do about it. anyway this pic illustrates a meeting of the cynicism alcoholism self-deprecation club. cute!!!

omg i was listening to this song on youtube and halfway through the song i went to the youtube tab and i saw christopher eccelston (claude and the 9th doctor) just like staring at the camera in the music video for that song and then i watched the whole vid and learned that the entire music vid was him staring at the camera for 2.5 minutes. and its an official music vid. the end was really cute though. anyway its here

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