Sunday, May 19, 2013

dream and chickens

heyyyy gs

just postin

bleh i need to watch the season finale of shameless but i think i'll literally die if i do that so jus puttin it off!!

i also need to watch game of thrones but a glug thing is in this ep that i dont wanna see so jus puttin it off. icqcme for next weeks ep though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice lookin din gob

nice lookin piccies para

oh my god

those things

look so good

wow theres honestly nothing else to say to anyone wtf. we need our good long posts back but idk how to make this one good or long

ok well i tried

top 8 movies you are excited for

1. star trek into darkness
2. thor 2
3. ender's game

\im sorry thats all

top 7 things of your day
1. our baby
2. thor
3. cookie
4. kitty
5. broccoli slaw
6. when we went home
7. needing is one thing but getting getting's another

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