Friday, May 24, 2013

cats foreign and domestic

heyyy gs.

so idk if you knew but it was my mom's birthday yesterday.  happy birthday to all bad robots!!!!  i tried to draw a character from the west wing (one of her favorite tv shows) for a birthday card but i just couldn't draw the faces right or the suits right. D:

haha this game is really fun and addicting.  right now i have 9393384 lollipops...and counting.  it's like a text based adventure game that starts super simple but gets really complicated.

top 6 dumbest things:
1.  having to help cm clean his room before his friend visiting from kansas came
2.  netflix on our tv freezing constantly
3.  not having anything good to drink
4.  cheese
5.  being bored
6.  scrubs

top 5 things you wish you had right now
1.  some orange soda
2.  a new kitty
3. some nice speakers
4. a cure to boredom
5. the answer to how to obtain world peace

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