Thursday, May 2, 2013

goat vs. doctor octopus

Hey gs!

Yeah someone had to draw that pic but most likely they were a professional artist and drew it digitally.

If Joy came to our house I would set our house on fire.


Yeah same I am counting down the days until I can be away from Joy haha also that is what this girl said to me when she saw me sitting out in the hall and I told her Joy was painting her nails.

Haha liveblogging eating dinner

I just was curious about your books idk. Why did you get a book you already have tho

Wow that pic is so beautiful!!! It looks done to me idk how it could even be better

Icqcme to see your drawings Gob

I am excited for Star Trek but to be honest I wish it had come out not 4 fucking years after the first one because I probably would have been more excited for it if it had come out sooner idk

Hob I know I said I was gonna explain Spock to you but I'm mad at Spock right now and he doesn't deserve to be explained.

I read this article the other day of five Marvel characters that should have their own movie and I think they were all really good options. Here are them in order of how much I want a movie of them:
1. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
2. Heroes for Hire
3. She-Hulk
4. Black Panther
5. Hawkeye
That was actually really hard to choose an order because I want them all so much. Well I don't want a Hawkeye movie as much but it would be cool. Better though would be a Black Widow movie with some Hawkeye. Even though I do love Hawkeye.

Wow only one more day of classes so crazy

Bleh I have two finals not including the one I'm writing an essay for instead and the first one is in the very first slot and the second one is in the very last slot.

Wow exactly one year until TASM 2 comes out!!!

Okay if I have to see that gif of Loki from the Thor 2 trailer one more time I am going to kill someone.

I am very concerned about Bendis not hyphenating Spider-Man wow. Like you expect other people to do it but you'd think Bendis at least would not.

Wow people are really freaking out about Michael B. Jordan being considered for the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four reboot wow what a bunch of fucking racists plus wow it's not even official they're just saying he's up for the role wow.  Some people are people are being like "well ppl would be upset if they cast a white guy for the Black Panther this is the same thing!!!11" And wow it's like T'Challa's race is actually important to his story and so that's not actually the same thing at all.  Johnny's skin color really doesn't matter like it won't actually change anything.  Tbh the only thing that I think is important for Johnny's appearance is that he's really attractive so I think we're fine.

Wow Kaine is over 1.5 times the size of Peter how does that work?????
Wait didn't he steal Peter's stealth suit how does he fit into it???
Wait didn't he also pretend to be Peter that one time and wear his suit how did he fit into that and also how did those people not notice he was so much bigger???
Are you sure he's that big????

Oh hey it's Sam Winchester's birthday

Saturday is free comic book day bleh somebody get me some free comic books please

Well speaking of comic books it's time to talk about comic books

Hawkeye #10
*I'm still sad about Grills.
*I still dk who this guy is that killed him
*I thought I would miss Aja's art but this is good art too so
*I am questioning Kate's life choices right now
*Pizza dog is so small!!!
*These last two issues I don't feel have had a very cohesive storyline like they're good and and interesting use of the comic book medium but as far as reading experience go they can be very confusing and you really don't understand what's happening until the end and then you have to go back and read them to get the whole idea idk like it's good but also just like good in a different way idk

Age of Ultron #7
*Haha so they hid the car so that Fury wouldn't be able to find it and they could fly it back to NYC?
*Idk what the point was with the dinosaur attacking.
*Skrull skull
*"Should I smash the shit out of them?"
*"Or just two dumb wannabe cosplayers."
*Scott look a mess
*Haha the Defenders have matching belt things that's cute.
*Jan is Captain Marvel! That's awesome!
*Wow what if you were cooking and then two Wolverine just leapt right into the kitchen and starting fighting each other?
*Haha Uncle Tony

Superior Spider-Man #9
*I'm gonna be honest I cried through p much this whole issue
*Okay I like the cover mostly because yellow sweater vest
*Ugh art so pretty I have to say I much prefer Stegman to Ramos
*"We really are the sum of our experiences" hmm so maybe Ock just transferred his memories idk
*Haha "restrain this insubordinate appendage!"
*When his memories of the Bugle start fading wow I thought that was sad but then it got worse why this
*Wow I am legitimately crying again just skimming it over to write about it
*Peter's brain is crawling with spiders.. Get it, crawling? Just trying to lighten the mood here folks
*Okay is it a river because....octopus??? Or....because bridge??? Or...I'm not sure.
*Hmm I'm trying to figure out who all of Peter's "friends and family" are but I'm not sure I can. Let's see there's MJ, Flash, Jameson, Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Gwen, Captain Stacy, Glory, Carlie, Betty, and I think Robbie, Harry, and Ned. And then I think that one guy's name is Max.
*Okay this is pretty much just like in Spectacular Spider-Man when Peter's memories of his "friends of family" help him defeat Venom except in that episode we learn that love is more powerful than hate and in this episode we learn that love can't help you overcome your fears and insecurities!!!
*Although both these times are sad to me because Peter has so much love for these people and I'm pretty sure most of them don't care about him that much???
*But wow when they're all trying to take Ock down I'm so emotional
*"Don't be so naive. We're in your mind. These aren't people. They're your memories of them."  Silly Peter these people aren't real most of them are dead duhhhh
*Wow when he forgets Uncle Ben NOPE
*Wow the Green Goblin fuckin killed Gwen Stacy again
*Okay when he takes off the mask of his face that's kind of creepy
*Haha I like when he jumps out of his clothes tho
*Wow it was pretty obvious Peter wasn't thinking about himself when he tried to stop Spock from operating like I don't buy that
*Well I do like my superheroes beat up and crying so the end is still good to me

Okay pheew time for piccies

Spider-Man and Deadpool looking spiffy
Peter Parker, high school science whiz
Okay I saw somebody say they ship Peter/responsibility because MJ is too good for him so I drew a picture of the happy couple!!!

Okay either gs you asked for Spock and Spock so I drew you FOUR pictures of them. But I can hardly stand to look at them because I hate Spidey!Spock right now but okay

They meet.

They bond over common taste in hairstyles.
They bond some more over science.

But ultimately Spidey gets mind melded. (Which I guess would let them bond even more??)
Ugh okay I'm just so steamed at Spock though I'm gonna go buy some sour octopi and eating them pretending they are all Dr. Octopus.


Okay well last time I gave us a game and no one wanted to play it despite complaining about wanting one

Oh well I'm just gonna go for it again

It's gonna be the game where you list your top whatever and come up with a number and then everyone else  does the same and comes up with a new list as well

Top 7 balls
1. meatballs
2. cheese balls
3. web balls
4. bouncy balls
5. stress balls
6. chocolate balls
7. sour balls

Wow the title of this post is very appropriate weird

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