Sunday, May 12, 2013

the same old cat

heyy gs.

i haven't gotten to use photoshop or anything for drawing pictures yet but i drew some in paint again.

here is yoda! 

well i attempted darth vader, the hulk, and thor but they didn't turn out too well and i'm feeling lazy right now but soon i am going to actually try to draw a lot better stuff and draw it on a program other than paint.

haha i just realized that all three of those guys have anger problems.

oh i found this typing test to see how many words per minute i can type and you gs should take it and see how it compares to my score! i think i could have done better though if i didn't keep getting annoyed when a couple words flashed red because i spelled them wrong.

Typing Test

well yeah summer usually is my favorite season but i feel like i like them both pretty close to the same amount now and i just felt like putting a different answer than what my first instinct was.

also, sorry para i forgot about that one list...though i don't fully understand it...

oh and tyt for the spoiler warning because i have not seen iron man 3 yet.

Top 5 incumbency advantages in congressional elections:
1.  something something something
2.  something something something
3.  something something something 
4.  something something something
5.  something something something 

Top 10 things you see:
1.  my iPod
2.  the computer
3.  chiclets gum
4.  medicine
5.  a picture of seth when he was like 11
6.  a staple-free stapler
7.  sticky notes
8.  a pen
9.  a printer
10.  paper

Top 10 fingers:
1.  right pointer
2.  left pointer
3.  right thumb
4.  left thumb
5.  right index
6.  left index
7.  right middle
8.  left middle
9.  right

top 3 tv shows you are currently watching for the first time (or however many you are watching if more or less)
1.  game of thrones
2.  fringe
3.  community

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