Thursday, May 9, 2013

marked for destruction by dr. goat

Hey gs!

Whoops I only have half an hour to write this post I did not intend this

My internet is also not working very well so in the case that this doesn't get posted by midnight, please view this draft as a credit to my efforts

I was planning to study more tonight but Joy is apparently sleeping??? So there go those dreams.

Well actually I only just realized my exam is not until 4 so I will have time to study tomorrow too phewsh 

Happy birthday to Noah!!!

He's so old he's like as old as Spider-Man when he was bitten by the spider. Wow he's as old as Harry Potter when he was an angsty little shit wow is that Noah right now???

Well it's too late to do anything with my giant piece of paper maybe when I get home but I might use it to wrap my posters in who knows

My new roommate seems p normal idk but you never really can tell if you will hate a person when you just meet them well sometimes you can tell but I couldn't tell this time so who knows

They're holding wants???

What did I say about Ock I can't remember

Do you mean Kaine bc if so I might try to draw him who knows

The theme of this post is who knows

I want to go to springcon!!! But are we busy those days who knows

I drew Danny Phantom and ghost!Peter together remember. Wow that fanart is really good to me there is a lot of great Danny Phantom fanart also bad Danny Phantom fanart. I guess there is a lot of Danny Phantom fanart in gen but a lot of it is beautiful. I tried drawing some the other day but it's not quite done bum bum bum

Actually I don't think there will be any pics in this post bc there's just no time

Haha I don't remember you telling me the bottles looked great so I really meant that. The rest of it doesn't look a mess though but those bottles are def the best part

Wow anyone who saw the movie could tell you the answer to that question probably except Jane wasn't a nurse but most likely you could guess that a female astrophysicist in 2011 equals nurse in 1962.

Noooo I forgot about matzoh balls but I love them too!!!!! I just love balls wow no one can come between our love

Icqcme for more of your pics Gob

Well Gob it's not comic book day its free comic book day but okay I'm jelly. Yeah how many free comics you can get varies depending on the store I think.  Hey now you can have let's talk about comics time!! Or not

Okay time for the game

Top 4 most disgusting creatures:
1. Joy
2. spiders
3. other bugs
4. Reed Richards

Top 5 incumbency advantages in congressional elections:
1. America has sorted itself out-people live near others with shared interests
2. Gerrymandering-drawing congressional districts that are favorable
3. Incumbency fundraising-interest groups know they are going to win and invest in a winner
4. Credit claiming-pork barrel and casework
5. Weak opponents-incumbency advantages scare off potentially effective opponents

Well I still have time for more stuff actually. But not much time.

Okay well there were lots of beautiful new pics from TASM 2 like Peter and Harry and Peter and his camera and ALSO SOME PICS OF GWEN WEARING AN OUTFIT THAT LOOKS LIKE THE ONE SHE DIED IN IN THE COMICS wow I actually thought that might be a thing because there were some pics before of her wearing the same thing without the coat and I kind of predicted it from that purple skirt I guess. Well okay she wore a similar outfit in TASM when Peter threw her out the window and caught her with his webs and you thought she was going to die maybe so they might do the same thing this time but I doubt it. Wow it's like I want her to die because it'll be sad and I like sadness but I hate all the people that want her to die so Peter and MJ can get together. Also I hate all the people that are mad at MJ because they think her being in the movies is going to cause Gwen to die or something and therfore ruin their Gwen and Peter ship. I just hate stupid people.

Okay I'm out of time so


But wow those pics of Peter and Harry are so cute so I don't blame her I'm shippin them too

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