Tuesday, May 27, 2014

a goat in the life of..

Hey gs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gob is dead. Our fish are dead. Our turtle is dead. Everything is dead.

Well we know our game for next month but not everyone has finished the game for this month. And by not everyone I mean no one. If you do not finish this game Something Will Come For You.

Yeah both Nick Furies have eyepatches maybe those patches are genetic. Yeah I like that idea of starting to draw Johnny black too.

Aw g try to remember what you had to say about let's talk about comics time

Okay I know what Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlet Johnasson did to incite my wrath but what did the others

G you can read that Spider-Man you just have to be nice to him when you read him and don't bend the pages like you were doing

Here's a message from my g:

Um...but I knew him. That was my message. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Okay, okay. Um..once there was little boy. He went to a place where it was and became a man. But not just any man...a man that could do whatever a Spider-Man can. Then he loved MJ. Keep going? Um...I like to go my only way. That's it. I won't say anything else. Oh my god. Hm? Um...this look bad right here. I hate what I see. Maybe Noah's blog is trying to be like The Goblog with it's greenness to it. I wonder why we have this... Um I just said that. Wow! Even with a lot of Gob not posting we have 29 posts in May and it's only the 27th. That's amazing! Um...let's see.. This seems like it's Hob's post and not the g who was supposed to be posting. I don't know why she can't put her own thoughts in her post. Well, bye! Now back to Para.

The only thing I have to say is that they're currently filming FF this is real this is happening

Have a nice day!

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