Wednesday, May 7, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyy gs

im bored

those pesky squireels. they kno you comin for em

wtf you...........waited til the last week to get your card fixed..............wait then how the heck have you been getting in your dorm this whole time/??????

noah is even more of a mystery than bucky

what i didnt hear this abt lupita being in star wars. or maybe i did. like a rumor or something. well we want some answers here

maybe cloud cult just really likes don's cafe. thats probably it

SAME WHERES NOAH W HIS ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow why did we want this not superior spider-man not team up in our world. we didnt

ok g youre being really like defensive abt the peter being spider-man thing which tells me you have something to hide

yea doi its dif in the comics but im just sayin. i tihnk he was 21 in the comics. but how old steve is is a mystery. well probably at one point someone was like ok this guys hair is 48 inches somehting has to be done about this so it got a snip snap. anyway. but wait heres something else that needs to be taken into consideration for the movies which is that apparently cap2 takes place 2 years after avengers which i didnt kno or expect so yea but that still doesnt tell us anything cuz bucky is still a mystery but

yea we'll have to go to that comic book store. our good ol comic book store and target

well i would expect most ppl from high school to remember me but i dont kno about that guy

dang that steve wanting to be everybodys friend. just dang him. wow steve. i just love him

or is reading cap v5 your friend

yea i guess thats tru about the civil war thing cuz i do kno a lot of hateful people

ok tyt ill try to be careful

aw yea we will hav to go to spring con on the sunday but thats fine rihgt.  well icqcme to see my hoodie too cuz it said it ouwld be delivered between monday and today but it aint been. im a lil concnerned but mostly i need this in my week. i need it.

yea i meant what went on in that issue. ok yea i think ill start reading this amazing spider-man. awwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaa

yea every time i go to target (like today) i check to see if maybe theres some falcon or black widow action figs and there aint. why do i keep trying to live

well we're gonna hav to go to the comic book store a lot this summer i guess to get storm and asm and other. that is fine.

oooooo icqcme for your ride home jamz to destroy you :-)

haha electric fetus is a music store

i dont kno why we want to see it on mothers day. we dont really but dad was like maybe we'll see the new spider-man on mothers day and its like??? you havent even seen the first one????? or wait did he see it icr. but i didnt kno if that was really happenin or not but then today mom was like blah blah blah we're seein spider-man on mothers day so i guess thats real. well.

doi i want june cuz this month is trash cuz i have to work like every day. cool. and last night i found out its even more frickin days than i even thought. like they asked me if i could work 9:30-3:30 on wednesdays and i wanted to have a break on some of the wednesdays so said i would do one and a half wednesdays but then they just went ahead and scheduled me for 3:30-8:30 on one of the wednesdays that i wanted to have off. and thats even worse. but i decided that im going to take the whole first week of june off so there. icqcme for that!!!!!! that is the only thing letting me live. and also the fact that my dream of being at work jus hating it all but being like at least i have my hoodie will soon be real

ooooooooooo yqw for the jamz!!!!!!! im glad you like em!!!! yea that last ones always heckin me up along w all of them. nice

dang me for being so older and wiser. especially wiser

tyt bout my spaghetti petermjs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha yea mom asked me that relationship thing when i was creating my spaghetti petermj so................

nice games stuff!!!!!!!! did your roommate kno you took that pic? im guessing no. did your cupcake kno

nice vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooooo yea that peter/gwen

wb gob!!!!!!

yea i wish i had got to be in nyc for more than like a few hours but

same my current emotion is missing tomato head. also thats my natural state

ooo ive used hola unblocker  a lil but i didnt kno you could only use it if you dont have the dvd plan. that seems weird. welp i guess thats one good hting about not having that plan

wow gob. wow. cap is really furious that you saw two movies and neither of them were his. and you kno who's even more furious. its bucky. hes coming and he's strong, he;s fast, and he has a metal arm

nice walrus


last night i had a dream that i made plans w alisha for saturday but then i was like wait a sec i already had plans to watch two movies w para on saturday. and then it was like i DONT kno what to do next

wow i was googlin the lyrics to that take me to church song but i forgot to put "lyrics" up in there so google was literally tryna take me to church

 well i cant say i blame em

today i bopped around a lil and i had to work at 1:00 but i wanted to go to lunch first so i left like an hour and a half early and i went to baja sol again haha. but then i had way too much time left on my hands so i was like well the only thing i can really do is go to target even tho i didnt wanna. so i went and i bought a lil thing called captain america: the first avenger. oooooooooooooooooooooooooo. then i went to work and only had to work 2.5 hours so it wasnt the worst and then i came home and bopped around for an hour and then made dinner and blah blah blooh

ok i kno im suppose to do the hard ones for the game first but i already planned to do this on this day so heres something i ate in my day:

also this:

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