Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the goblin's last goat

Heyyyy gs!

Tyt about my springcon stuff.

Uh yeah I watched a couple of episodes of Comic Book Men a couple of years ago I guess but I didn't like it I remember thinking it was boring and sexist...

Have you not seen Star Trek Into Darkness??

Tyt about my drawing

What a yucky planet

Miriam is getting cuter...faster...stronger... Soon she will be ready to strike...

Yeah I have seen that music video!!!!!! Wow that's great!!!!!!!

Cool pasta

Yeah I think they should have just started drawing Nick Fury black instead of making a new Nick Fury but that's not what we have.

Nice lil day

Haha nice lil ones!!!! Those are really something

Okay what happened to our fish and our turtle?????????????????????????????????

Okay my day was this. I woke up and then I chilled and then I went to the bookstore and I bought Spider-Man Family Business and then I went to the comic book store and bought my comics and then we went to the shoe store and bought me some shoesies and then we went to Noodles and ate some lunch and then we came home and I chilled and ready my comics and played a game w Noah and then I chilled and then we had dinner and then I read another comic and then I wrote this post

Here's my lil tasm2 guys

Okay now it's let's talk about comics time. Spoilers for these comics I guess

Original Sin #2
*If there's a new body only every few months, why are there so many bodies that still look fresh?  Or does being deep in the earth keep them more preserved?  Or idk
*I want a seatback jetpack
*What is it with these guys giving their flying red convertibles girls names tho
*Is there a point to Tony wearing the mask while he's working or
*Lol which telepath are the X-Men sending?
*"We're a murderer here, Bruce, and you're talking about pants? Let's
try and be professional."
*The realm of man-eating shadows is pretty
*See those birds I conjured those birds
*Nova's not from New York
*"mindless little gods" lol
*I've never heard of Oubliette Midas tbh
*But wow I can't believe this but I DO know The Orb a supposed "z-list super-villain" in fact I've read the comic which I think was his first appearance! I'm amazing!

Deadpool Annual #2
*It says Spideypool right on there wow just wow
*Wow this issue is actually really sweet tho
*"I like him just fine" wow this is real this is happening
*I can't believe Spider-Man is going crazy over this Chameleon thing yet he takes all the crazy stuff that happened to him in his own book cool as a cucumber
*I like this art because you can see their little nosies through their masks
*That pregnant lady might not be pregnant anymore js
*So Peter was sleeping on the roof lol
*"maybe he's somebody famous" um he's Spider-Man he's already somebody famous what you think he's secretly two famous people?
*This is seriously the second comic I've read where they've traded costumes
*Although at least the first time Spider-Man was in on it and it wasn't Deadpool being kind of creepy and undressing Peter while he's unconscious but
*Although that is sweet of Deadpool not to look at Peter's face I guess?
*Also when he kisses him on the head aww
*Except how do their costumes fit each other??? Deadpool is like four inches taller and fifty pounds heavier....
*Well I guess Deadpool did rip Spidey's costume with his muscles but still
*Wow what if it rained snakes
*I like how Peter had to leave off the boots of Deadpool's costume that's small
*That was a pretty clever way to find the real Spider-Man I guess
*Hot dogs!!!!!!!!!!
*Wow I can't believe

Whoops I'm out of time okay we'll continue this next time or maybe tomorrow

Have a nice day!

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