Saturday, May 31, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyy gs

ok if gob went somewhere or died he coulda at least said soemthin before he did this. especially if he died. dang

what are you talkin bout dead men need their games

well you didnt answer my q of why do we have all these nasty gs in our movies

ok but you didnt read it how i wanted it to be read



cool day i guess

today i had a bagel and then icr what i even did this morning. probably nothing. then i had a chicky sandiwhch and then i experienced rain and darkness descended upon our afternoon. that was nice. oh wait i kno what i did in the morning. i made dough for garlic knots. ok back to the afternoon. i just chilled really in the darkness and waited for pamish to get here. then they got here and i chilled more and it wasnt as dark no more. then i made my knots some more and then chilled and then finished them up then had em and spaghett and then played quelf. nice!

icr for brunch tomorrow

when we gonna see xmen? i need to kno so i can be prepared. w my teeth and ambitions bared.

ok thats me

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