Thursday, May 1, 2014


heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gs

wow yea thats probably what bucky is up to mess in w gob. dang him. jk thats fine. i love buck

same about noah ok where are our answers noah lets have em

ok so it was flashbacks to when doc ock was spider-man or? then what made it not superior spider-man or w/e

aw g well the petermj song was a happy song at least but is that really any better than a sad petermj song theyre all horrible and might ruin your life. yea

haha that seems crazy of you to have had that dream on that night cuz that day at the bookstore there were two guys squeezing into a chair so it seems like that should have been in my dream. well that sounds like a bad experience in your dream. wow i just remembered that dream i had about seeing avengers 2. that was somethin

no g cuz theres a whole thing in that movie about crackling an egg w one hand. so.

well yea i thought you mighta made those guys on like a special marvel place or soemthing

oh ok. maybe that was andrew garfield being spider-man in times square. that makes sense. jk it was peter parker

yea thats when i was in knoxville

icqcme for our three hulks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hm i guess you can sorta tell how much time bucky has been unfrozen cuz of his hair length. assuming it was never cut which i guess is the case. but idk exactly how long it would take to grow that hair length so thats not that helpful. but you kno it was more than 24 days. so idk who's older now

no g the dics drive still aint working. unless it magically started working. who knows what its capable of

but why would you still be in morris in june? oh wait do you mean jus see the midnight premiere in general. ok

ok g you can have a million dollars and get to the comic book store every week if you believe in yourself :-)

baja sol is a mexican fast-ish food place

yea g we will go to target when you get home!!!!!!!

dang you flapping to 8192 in that game. well i could prob get to 2048 easier than in actual 2048 i imagine but i dont have the patience for that game

yea dang i was thinking those thoughts about bucky beating up cap being like swan song wow pls. well the other day i saw a gif of steve in the hospital and i thought i was looking at dean in the hospital in on the head of a pin. but that would mean sam wilson is cas and no thank you

aw g well i do not need more jamz i have like 63 just how

bleh im really sad bout not being able to come get you

well chris evans singing that winnie the pooh song had to do w me wanting to see that movie in the way where i remembered about that movie a few weeks ago and then it left my mind and then this experience remininded me bout it?

dang it all i wish you were going to duluth too. remmeber two years ago when we were really into rupauls drag race and whatnot and we were like being really rpdr in the pool and other. i wish that could be us but w dif stuff. i wish we could go into that empty room at night and watch what we watch. noah is not our best boy.

ok i will record this snl for ya

nice day

ooooooooooo yea i love our game

aw g gob inbd. icqcme for your good posts that are coming

well today i finished my mission. ok para there was no danger in them running out of the comics cuz there were like probably ten stacks of them haha. anyway there were 3 dif covers and they were the one you dont like and two others. well the one i got ok i coudlnt really decide but one of them looked kinda boring but i didnt really kno. so i got the other one. wait do you wanna kno it or be surprised? anyway i definitely saw alex kouhi from great river at the store. luckily he didnt remember me.

so that was that

i wish i had a fishing hook to throw and hook tomorrow at 3 pm

ok you kno what now that i think about it i really loved steve and natasha's relationship in cap2. cuz actually it seemed like they were tryin p hard to make u kno that its just a friendship. wow like shipping aside thats a really great friendship movie. dang nab it i love that movie

are you ever in target nd your like dang this place is really red. just a thought i had

blehooooooooooo i wanna read cap v 5 but theres like this civil war stuff in the mid of it and i dont wanna read that rn. hm.

wait why does everyone seem to hate civil war jw

wow i keep remembering bout last year on the day before duluth i also posted that day oo crazy and anyway there was not a shred of food in the house. luckily thats not the case today even tho i had a hard time finding smthn to have for dinner cuz i didnt want daddyo soup. but at least its like if i want to put food in my mouth i can. that other time it was like all we had were tortilla chips, basically and i didnt want that and then i found some bean dip and cried tears of joy but then i realized it was really old and i cried tears of sorrow. ok was  this something i really needed to put in my post? i guess so. anyway that was a different time.

today i woke up and was very tired. i went to work. luckily it was veyr slow there so thats one good thing about weekday mornings i gues. except the only time it got a lil busy was right when i was about to eat my lunch. that was nice. well i managed to finish my storm trade at least. it had a good ending. then i went to the comic book store. i alreayd said about all that. then i went to reload my debit card. then i went home. then i did nothin. then i had dinner that wasnt the best. then i did laundry. then i downloaded some jamz. then i wrote my post. then who knows.


anyway i cna t play the game in this first post cuz i can snap a pic. bleh i really wabted to and wow one of the times i got a relally good pic but then my phone froze wow that was a treasure we'll never get back

i wish it was tomorrow. then everything would be better.

except i might be dead. frm my jamz

ok something might happen in 30 mins

wow im going to die any sec now

theres a dog here. will he end me

this is the end

my only friend

the end

of our eblaborate plans, the end

ill never loolk into your eyes.............................again

ok little buddies  therfes been a developm,net


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