Friday, May 30, 2014

the spider or the goat?

Hey gs!

Well maybe Gob would have had his Good Summer Posts if he hadn't died :(

I guess Gob don't need a game because he's dead. Dead men don't need games I guess

Oh okay well I haven't heard anything about those other gs I guess I don't know a lot about them dangit.

Aw g I was trying to read your comic carefully except for that one time when I was holding it how you were holding mine as revenge but

Tyt about my messages

Tyt about my comic thoughts

Nice lil day

Dangit I wish this comp would stop its noise

Here was my day.  I woke up and then I went and planted some things which was glug and then I took a shower and then I had lunch and then I went to REI and Old Navy and the grocery store and then I went home and I watched Star Trek and made some rice and then some people came over and then I had dinner and then I watched more Star Trek.

Welp we hecked up this game something's coming for us

Have a nice day!

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