Sunday, May 4, 2014

to know a chicken!

heyyyyyyyyyy gs

bleh i didnt want this day to come

ok gob........................

oooooooooo why was there another dang cloud cult concert. well thats nice

WE WANT NOAHS ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh ok that doc ock flashbacks sound rusty. wait who was he teaming up w then?

yea happy petermj makes me want to end it all

dang that whoevers messing w our dreams. i dont like this..................

???? who said anything about peter parker actually being spider-man. wwow what are u suggesting? but he does have himself a nice spider-man costume so............................................

but now i remember that the guy in times square was the real spider-man so that aint peter. maybe pete was nearby tho snappin some piccies

ok well what we learned frm the comics is that bucky actually aged 8 whole years. at least in the coms. but ok that would mean his hair would be 48 inches longer and hmm i dont think thats the case.............................haha icqcml thinkin bout that. well something is not right here. ok it was sayin like sometimes he would be unfrozen for 6 (???) months at a time workin blah blah blah. well anyway. 

aw g thats really rusty bout no free comic book day and you walkin all the day there. well i missed the day cuz i was in dululu. o well

same bout icqcme to go to target. haha we jus always do that

ok ive never played any other flappin game so i dont kno

yea and if sam n dean had a sam wilson in their lives i would still be watching. haha thats funny cuz i always hate every character who's not sam or dean who they try to put in the sho but obv this would be my guy

well the cover i got you was only available at 8 stores in the country apparently oooooooooooooooooooooo. im not really surprised that alez kouhi didnt remember me. or maybe he did remember me and went home and wrote on his blog "wow i saw hob at the comic book store and she didnt remember me"

oh yea same i hated those two lines obv and i dont really think steve would say those things tbh so why did they have to make him say em? haha that thing about them all competing to be steve's bff. tho i dont think bucky did a v good"you're my mission" ok yea ya blew it

aw g dont read cap v5 its heckin me up. jk do it. well i have (most of) it but its jus on my kindle so :( i guess i could skip the civil war stuff idk

wtf?????? literally every one ive seen saying an opinion on civil war has said its like  a horrible event or theyre like "yea civil war is a thing that you either love or hate. personally i hate it" so i guess......i dont kno...............somethin aint right

the pic i lost was a picture of a very big person turning around and looking at me like "wtf is goin on". blehj. ok my phone is seriously heckin up my scavenging!!!!!!!!! today i tried to snap a pic of the chamber of secrets but it hecked me over again!!!!! now i might need to go on a secret mission to get that pic. ok well u didnt play the game in your post. i guess you dont gotta play it in every post but i woulda thought that you would in that idk

same im very pleased that i got that hoodie!!!!!!!!!!!!! icqcme to have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it could potentially come tomorrow or at least some time this week so thats one thing we have going for us/.well now we have somethin to live for. ooooooo i think im gonna go to spring con and i can wear it then!!!!!!!! but i will wear it all the time prob hehe

ooooooooo nice talk bout comics time. bleh i really still wanna kno what went on. i'll have to read that

well nice day!!! except for the part about no free comic book day and the part where you didnt get us that ball. jk im glad just to kno that it exists i guess

nice pic of cloud cult

oh ok tyt for clearing up why you werent studying that day

ooooooooooooooooooooo icqcme for this storm series!!

omgggggggggggggggggg your beautiful drawings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wowww we havnet seen any piccies in so long wowwwwwwww that steve/bucky one. wel thats fine that they shirtless. its fine. anyway thats so beautiful. also that peter/gwen one is beautiful. yea we need out peter/gwen i guess

ok well im back frm duluth :::::::::::::::::::( i wish not. ok it was a p normal time idk. my jamz destroyed me tho so thats good. i wish duluth wasnt such a short time. 

well today i woke up and had a worthless breakfast cuz i really wanted something savory but there wasnt a lot so i jus had some lucky charms and there was nothing good to drink so i just had water. then we packed up and then everyone went for a wallk but i just sat in the lobby and had some doritos and chocolate milk. then we went to the soda store and got like 13 sodas......... then we got fish i guess. then we went and got our apples. then we drove down a lil and went in electric fetus. then me n noah got sandwiches from pizza luce and mine was so yummerz. then i ate it in the car while some glugs went in a diving store. then i ate some apple. then i read some comic. then slepty. then i was bored at home. then i had spaghetti.

oooo we got para a coupla tasty treats in duluth. so them and her comic are waitin for her!!!! and her g!!!!!!!!!!!

ok actually apparently we might wanna go to tasm2 on mother's day. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

i wish it was june rn

all i wanna do is read some coms or watch cap1 but its not a good time for either of those. wow i was gonna start the next issue i was on but i took a look at it and i was like no. 

ok para didnt ask for any jamz but im goin to give em anyway. some of these are my duluth jamz and some not. i hope none of these were in the fanmixes and vids i gave her but:
*stars and stripes-starsailor
*we did it when we were young-the gaslight anthem
*27-fall out boy
*this kid's not alright-awolnation
*this is everything-tegan and sara
*the tallest man, the broadest shoulders-sufjan stevens
*end of the line-sleigh bells
*d.o.a.-sleigh bells
*brother-the organ
*counting down the hours-ted leo and the pharmacists
*spiderhead-cage the elephant
*this is the day-the cranberries
*one hundred years-typhoon

idk why i always give para jamz w/out her even asking and para always doesnt give me jamz when i ask for em but w/e

ok heres the game

this is thepetermjs

luckily my phone couldnt come between petermj. and neither  could anyone at the table when i sat there creating that at the end of dinner and no one even cared. well i guess technically thats also something i ate in my day but im gonna do that a dif time

wow mom asked me like "is it possibly to be in love with two ppl's relationship" alrighty WOW

oh wait i almost forgot heres a pic i snapped today in duluth:


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