Tuesday, May 6, 2014

countdown to goat!

Heyyyyyyy gs!!!!

Dangit I just went out looking for a squirrel to scavenge but I couldn't find one.  That's weird because I feel like I always see squirrels on campus but now the one time I'm lookin for one theres none.  Aw well

But goos my card finally works on the doors to my dorm!!! Haha I waited so long to take care of that but I did it.  Dang I should have done it earlier that was so easy

Wow you just saw that video now okay Gob. Yeah Spider-Man likes to dance doi if he didn't would MJ have married him probably not

I wish you still had Hulk too Gob but I think he's filming Avengers 2 rn so maybe it's for the best

We still don't know why Noah did that post it is the world's greatest mystery.

Same about waiting for my grades!  Even though I haven't even finished all my final exams yet I keep checking my grades to see if they're up yet in the classes where I already took the exam. But probably it will be a while before they're all up dangit

Okay idc about whoever that is that you said was cast in Star Wars the only thing I care about is is it true that Lupita Nyong'o is gonna be in it?????

No you don't get any points you just have to find all the things one time that's the game

You should probably start with the hard ones so that when you inevitable run out of time at the end it will be easier for you to finish.  Or don't do that whatever

I'm not sure why Cloud Cult always comes to Morris someone told me that they think one of the band members is an alum but I'm not sure bc they never said anything about it each time they just say they love Morris so maybe it's just bc we're so awesome

PLEASE NOAH GIVE US ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doc Ock wasn't actually teaming up with anyone??? Well in the previous issue he was teaming up with the Green Goblin to kill Spider-Man but then in that issue he was like competing against the Green Goblin to kill Spider-Man so really that issue was pointless because it was supposed to be Superior Spider-Man team-up but it wasn't Superior Spider-Man and it wasn't team-up

Well I guess I just assumed that you were talking about the real Spider-Man bc idk why anyone would want to dress up like Spider-Man.  I guess if it was Halloween or something like Peter did that time but it wasn't Halloween so.  But wow Peter being the real Spider-Man would be so ridiculous I don't even know why I thought that was what you meant!  It's way more likely that MJ is actually Spider-Woman than that Peter is Spider-Man. Actually I could see MJ being Spider-Woman because they are both pretty awesome and MJ seems to be a strong and capable person unlike Peter who is useless.  Yeah maybe Peter was snapping some pics nearby.

Yeah well the comics are different from the movies obviously because Bucky was just a child in the comics.  Actually I think he was like twenty. That's as old as me but that's fine. So now he's like twenty-eight wow that's as old as Peter. Though wait that was like ten years ago I guess so he's older than that now maybe he's like thirty. But in the movies okay he clearly didn't age eight years.  So that's different.  Except wait a minute in the comics he still has that dang long hair but obviously it got cut at some point because it's not 48 inches longer haha.  Well we don't know. Bucky is so mysterious that's all we can know about him.

The real question is how old is Steve in the comics?

Aw g well I guess we'll have to go to the comic book store when I get home and pay for our comics instead.

Haha yeah Target is just the place to be I guess

Well I tried that normal flapping game a couple of time I do not recommend it

Well okay that's bc all the characters in that show that are not Sam or Dean are mostly annoying but Sam Wilson is the most unannoying guy I have ever seen so clearly that wouldn't be a problem.

Ooooooo icqcme to see my comic cover!

Well if someone from high school didn't remember me I think I'd b p surprised but maybe that's because it wasn't as long ago or bc I knew them a lil bit longer or idk

Yeah haha actually imo it was more like Steve trying to be everyone else's friend bc first of all Steve is the one who first was getting really friendly with Sam and then he tracked him down where he worked and came to his house and second of all Natasha was like what do you want me to be and Steve was like how about a friend and then w Bucky obviously that was all Steve trying to be like I love you Bucky while Bucky was just like who the hell is Bucky

Aw g I need to read Cap v5 it is my mission

Hmmm that's weird maybe you just know a lot of people that hate Civil War for some reason??? Like a lot of hateful people idk

Ok I just have to say that if you're going on a secret mission to the chamber of secrets then....be careful???

Yeah I would have played the game in that post but I couldn't find any of the things

Ooooo I'm glad you are going to Spring Con!!!!!  Icqcme for that!!!!!  Also icqcme to see your hoodie!!!!!!

Tyt about my lets talk about comics time. Um do you mean you want to know what went on in that issue or in the last issues of Superior Spider-Man? Well I told you what happened in Superior Spider-Man so I guess you mean this one.  Yeah you should read it you should just start reading the new Amazing Spider-Man series that'd be cool.

Tyt about my day.  Yeah I'm glad to know that ball exists too but I would be gladder to know that like Falcon and Black Widow action figures existed tbh

Tyt about my pic of Cloud Cult

Saaaaaaaaaame icqcme for the new Storm series dang there's gonna be a lot of comics that I'm gonna want to buy this summer!

Tyt about my beautiful drawings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aw g my jamz for the ride home might destroy me icqcme for that.

Nice lil day. Please explain that electric fetus.

Oooo I'm comin for my tasty treats and my comic and my g!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay well I guess we could go on mother's day......if we really want to.....but why....do we?

Okay but really if we put it off any longer I'm gonna explode!!!!!!!!!! That's what happens to a dream deferred maybe

Why do you want June?

TYT FOR THE JAMZ!!!!!  Those are really good jamz like wtf. Also that last one is hecking me up

Aw g I try to give you jamz but you are just older and wiser and know more jamz than me idk

Haha nice spaghetti PeterMJs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so beautiful!

Wow did Mom ask you that in reference to a ship or was it just random?

Hahah those doggies!!!! We love dogs!

Well I had my third final exam today!!!! I only have one more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay time for the game
This is the best time to wear a striped sweater!!! Haha it's my roommate

This is the most good looking little thing you can find at a place where things are made!!!  It's my cupcake from the dining hall because there was decorate your own cupcake at dinner and so I made this cupcake and it's definitely the most good looking little thing you can find at the dining hall which is a place where things are made.  Haha it's a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips yum yum.

Here is a vid that I made

Well that's all have a nice day!

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