Monday, May 5, 2014

quality is our recipe

hey gs!!!

okay gob is back and he is going to do an awesome post tonight!!!!

idk why i was just talking in third person haha

okay how am i going to respond to all of of this stuff...i guess i should start from the beginning of when i missed posting!

aw g para your spider-man video got blocked because it had copyrighted material so i couldn't watch it :(

oh never mind i saw it now through the link to the tumblr page.  haha nice vid!  i didn't know spider-man liked to dance so much!

wow that's cool that you were in nyc hob!  i want to go there sometime!

ahh hob now that you mentioned it, i really miss tomato head pizza :(

aww i wish i hstill had that hulk cardboard cut out thing.  idk where it went.  i think it was seth's maybe and he took it back but i haven't seen it in a long time.

ummm why did noah do that post?  idgi.

aw g i didn't even come close to responding to everything but i'll either add in more stuff later or just say it in my next post because there isn't much more time.  i want to say some stuff now anyways

i hate waiting for my grades, i wish they would just be posted right now.

aww g i wish we didn't still have the dvd plan attached to our netflix because i really want to use hola unblocker so i can get to the movies and tv shows that other countries have on netflix instant but it only works if you have just the streaming plan.  we barely even ever use the dvds anymore so idk why we still have that plan.

yay for the star wars episode vii cast being announced!!!!!  that's awesome that a bunch of the original cast is  coming back.  also daisy ridley looks really nice and that's cool that she's practically an unknown and star wars episode vii is her first major role.  haha that's crazy that she's so unknown that no one  on the internet even knows exactly what age she is...

oh yeah, on saturday i saw fantastic mr. fox and the grand budapest hotel at the IU cinema and they were both super good!  i really want to watch the grand budapest hotel again especially. i love wes anderson films.

the new game sounds cool!  i'll start with an easy one.  do i get extra points for finding things more than once?

here is a walrus.  jj it it's a cat.

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