Saturday, May 10, 2014

but i knew him

heyyyyyyyyy gs

bleh i dont want to post

i want to go read some comics tbh

welcome home para!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is it actually lupitas dream to be in star wars or? well the fact that a yucky mans making that movie tells me she probably wont be in the thing after all. cool

congratulations on achieving your goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well what did you have to do to get your key to work?

ok but why did noah make that post

idk what you could have to hide but im going to find out

haha cool joke

well no we dont actually kno that buckys hair was 48 inches at one point but. well if it was then it must have been cut pretty soon before we just saw him cuz it woulda taken most of that time to grow 48 inches.

when are we gonna go to target

wow you were picturing a real electric fetus. that must have been nice

well dad did not seem to want to watch tasm1 v much so who knows why he wants to see tasm2

aw g i would not actually have blown off our movies to do something w alisha altho i kind of want bucky to come for me and end me

ok i dont really have a lot ot say to gob and i want this psot to be done for. nice squares g

crazy day today!! me and para went to see cap2 for our third times and we were in our cap n bucky hoodies and the movie was really worthless n hecked up and then we went to the comic book store and para got some stuff and i got the first two winter soldiers plus a dif cover of amazing spider-man and then traded w para. para got some things and a nova prezzie for noah. then we played squares. then i made gravy and we celebrated noahs bday and i had an ok lentil steak and really nice onion rings and then we gave him some prezzies and all watched tasm1 and some ppl had a cheese cake and one person had a bagel. the person was me. there we are

ooooooooooo icqcme for agent carter show

well tomorrow we seein tasm2 that will be that. oh nice then para can finally get on that internet

bleh after tomorrow will be 6 worthless days


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